Airthereal APH260 Review: Is it perfect for your home?

Are you worried about the room air purifier of your home? This Airthereal APH260 review will be helpful for you.

Our home is our haven. It is our favorite place. We live together here with our family members. Different activities taking place in our room. So, it is tough to clean our room’s air.

Ensuring the air quality of a home is very important. In the cities, a top-notch air purifier is essential to keep home air healthy.

It’s well-known that getting the right air purifier is a difficult task. There are so many options to choose from and it can be hard figuring out which one will work best for your needs.

However, when you do find the perfect match, life becomes much easier! Airthereal APH260 is one of those rare gems that produces an incredible amount of clean air while remaining affordable! If you’re looking for a high-quality product without breaking the bank, this is definitely worth checking out.

So, Don’t worry; we are going to discuss the best air purifier today. So, without wasting time, let’s go-

Airthereal APH260 Specifications

Model APH260
Manufacturer AIRTHEREAL
Product Color Pure morning
Filter Type 5 stage filters
Filter Lifestyle 6-8 months
Fan Mode 3 fans
Power Source Corded electric
Dimensions 13 x 6.7 x 21.2 inches
Weight 10.4 Pounds
Automatic Mode Yes
Sensors Particle sensor (PM 2.5)
Warranty Two years

Airthereal APH260

In-depth Review of Airthereal APH260

Different advanced technologies are used with the Airthereal aph260 air purifier. We will try to discuss the top features in the Airthereal air purifier reviews. Have a look!

Room Size Coverage

You will get the highest room coverage with the Airthereal air purifier. It will cover a 335 square feet room. 4x ach and 152 CADA are for Airthereal aph260. This purifier will change the air per hour rating.

This amazing purifier will clean the room air every fifteen minutes. The design of the purifier is suitable for small and medium rooms. The cleaning performance will depend on the air quality of the room. It also depends on the speed setting of the purifier.

Air Filter Types

The Airthereal aph260 anion mode generally uses three stages of mechanical filtrations. These are pre-filter, true filter, and activated carbon combined filter. Now, it comes with another new two-stage electronic filtration system.

These new two are UV-C light and anion generator. These are set for ozone safety. All these filtration systems will ensure the best air quality in your room. These will clean your room air and there is no possible risk of any polluted air.

You will be safer with any kind of pet with this best filtration system. These air qualities are exceptional during all allergy sessions. There is a carbon filter with this purifier with some oxidizer minerals. These will be the best to boost all odor absorption. These can clean all smoke, pollen, and different particles that can be up to .3 microns.

The Airthereal aph260 air purifier is very effective against germs. You can get it available on Amazon. We also have an article on the best air purifier for chemical sensitivity.

Airthereal APH260

Fan speeds

You can choose three different fan speeds manually based on the air pollution of your room. The Airthereal aph260 purifier is organized with an updated energetic motor.

You have the option to choose the speed level of the fans. It is very easy to change the speed. You can change it manually. The users can use the speed of the fan as their requirement. Sometimes, the manual fan speed becomes very useful.

Warranty Information

The aph260 is an updated product with multiple features. It is one of the top branded purifiers worldwide. You will get your expected service from this purifier. The UV protection system is able to damage all harmful viruses from your room air. This purifier has up to a 2-years warranty from its purchasing date. It is not so bad. You can notice any kind of problem with this purifier within 2 years.

Set-up process

It’s very simple to set up the purifier properly with the required instructions. Now, install the HEPA filter. Place the pull tab in the outward part. Now, you can install the back shell.


There are multiple fan speeds with this air purifier. Noises can be high with the speed of the fan. This purifier uses the DC motor to minimize the noise level.

The minimum noise level of the purifier is 28 decibels. It is tolerable. This noise will be much lower with the low speed of the fan. You cannot notice the noise level with the lowest fan speed. The highest noise level of the aph260 is only 49 decibels. You will just be fond of this purifier.

Energy Consumption

Do air purifiers use a lot of energy? It’s a general question to all consumers. The power consumption level is the most important criterion. It is purchased for long-term use.

The power consumption level of aph260 is only 50 watts. You can use the aph260 day and night with the lowest speed. The lowest speed will produce low consumption. You will be adjusted with this low speed easily.

Auto Modes

The aph260 is a purifier with auto mode. It is an advanced device. The auto mode will notice you change the filter timely. The technology works automatically with its auto mode system. You have to press to activate the auto mode first.

This auto mode will operate based on the air quality of your room air. There is an air quality indicator light with this purifier at the top part. It will notice automatically with its respective color.

Air Quality Sensor – Sensitivity Adjustment

The aph260 air purifier is a more updated device. You can also call it a digitalized device.

The aph260 purifier has an updated particle sensor. The sensor will provide signals to the device to clean the air. The sensor is very intelligent at its work. It sets its speed level based on the concentration of the room air.

  • The low speed is for MP2.5 concentration
  • Medium speed is for PM35.4 concentration
  • The maximum speed is for PM35.5 concentration

Competitive Price

You have to purchase this purifier at 129 dollars only from its official website. This price is much more affordable than Levoit LV-PURI 31 and InvisiClean Aura ll. This air purifier is much more attractive to consumers for its affordable price. The lower price tag and high-quality air filtration system attracts easily the consumers

Airthereal APH260

Additional Features of Airthereal APH260


The design of the purifier is comparatively lighter than others. The lightweight design of the purifier is attractive to all. It is very portable and lightweight also. This purifier is very convenient to move from one place to another. An interesting matter is that you can clean several air rooms with this same unit.

Anion Technology

One of the most powerful features of this air purifier is anion technology. This means you get all the benefits from ionic air purification, with extra protection against harmful levels like ozone too! Ions attach themselves to particles in our atmosphere which makes them heavier or even lead their way inside for cleaner filtered indoor environments—no more dirty allergy symptoms anymore.

It is a Certified Air Purifier

It’s great to know that this product is certified and proves the ozone level has been under control, which means it can be used in California. One who lives there will surely appreciate knowing most air purifiers aren’t allowed due to their lack of ion generation technology certification required by state law for residential use

It’s reassuring when you find out your purchase qualifies because not only does what we sell meet all requirements but also none others!

Customer Report

Customers always provide a lot of positive reviews about the aph260 purifier. It is the best device for users. Customers comment the purifier is the best cleaner of room air for 24 hours. This purifier will keep all rooms clean and odor-free. Customers always reward this purifier as a germ killer of room air.

What Makes the Air Purifier Stand Out?

The aph260 carries a comprehensive air purification system. You will get a cold catalyst filter, a photocatalyst filter, and an ionizer with this purifier. These filters and ionizers make this purifier very special. The filtration system can break down the chemicals in the air. It also turns these chemicals into harmless chemicals.

The ionizer of this purifier can trap all small pollutant particles. The UV light is just amazing. It can kill all types of bacteria and viruses from the air. After all, the full comprehensive setup of this air purifier makes it stand out.


 The special and updated features are-

  • A filter changes indicator is available with this purifier
  • There is a PM2.5 sensor with a budget-friendly price
  • A turn on and turn off button is attached to this device
  • There are three-speed fans
  • The sleep mode of this purifier is ideal for bedroom
  • The aph260 purifier has an ideal auto mode
  • A UV light is also attached to this purifier

Pros & Cons

  • The high CADA is reasonable
  • 3 in one mechanical filtration systems
  • 2 advanced electric filtration
  • Works best against normal to severe odor
  • Amazing display facility
  • Sleep mode, auto mode, and a timer from one to twelve-hour
  • This device is CARB approved
  • Aph260 replacement filter is available
  • You will get 2 years warranty
  • Great customer support is available
  • No child lock and remote control is available
  • This device is not AHAM verified

What Alternatives are there?

The pure morning aph260 is unique in its features. Finding an exact alternative to a device is not so easy. Every product has some similarities to its alternative. People always want the best product with different attractive features.

The aph260 is the most updated device. Inofia PM 619 as an alternative. It has three-stage filters. The auto mode of this purifier will adjust the fan speed.

The germ Guardian HEPA filter is another alternative purifier of aph260. Germ guardian True HEPA filter can be one alternative. This purifier has the capability to kill up to 99.97% of harmful germs. The UV-C light feature helps to kill different harmful airborne viruses. The updated charcoal filter of this purifier helps to remove all types of odor from your room air. The Germ guardian filter is highly recommended for medium and large rooms.

The Alen T500 True HEPA air purifier is another alternative for you. The true HEPA filter can kill bacteria up to 99.99%. It also kills airborne particles. This purifier is suitable for small and large rooms. You can use this purifier for bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, etc. The touch button on this purifier is very easy to use.

Airthereal APH260

Are You Considering the Airthereal APH260 Air Purifier?

The Airthereal APH260 air purifier is like many other appliances, at least in the beginning. It’s not flashy or cool to consider, but it can be a vital part of your life if you suffer from allergies or asthma. I used to have horrible allergy problems that kept me up all night long coughing. Not fun at all. I decided to do some research and buy an air purifier. Like most people, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something that might not work.

I came across the Airthereal APH260 air purifier with great reviews for such an affordable price (with FREE shipping). It definitely sounded like it would be worth a shot.

So I bought the Airthereal APH260, and it has been an absolute lifesaver. It’s not some newfangled gadget that does everything for you (it doesn’t make your toast or anything like that), but it really keeps the air clean, clear of dust particles and allergens, and best of all… it helps me sleep at night. No more coughing or sneezing, so I can rest well and wake up refreshed the next day.



1. How long does the Airthereal APH260 filter last?

Answer: A quality HEPA air filter should last three months at a minimum. Airthereal specifically says it lasts for six months, so your best bet is to test the effectiveness after those six months and change as needed at that point.

2. Does Airthereal APH260 produce ozone?

Answer: Yes, one of the side effects of the Airthereal APH260 unit is that it will produce ozone. It produces a small amount of ozone while operating.

3. Is Airthereal APH260 any good

Answer: Airthereal air purifiers are a good option because they have a low price, small size and low noise level.

The Airthereal APH260 is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable, relatively quiet but powerful air purifier that will fit into any room in the house without taking up too much space. It’s got all the features you’d want from this price range – auto mode, 2-speed fan control, washable pre-filter – but it takes up less counter or floor space than other models which I think makes it more convenient overall.

4. How do you know when it’s time to replace the filter?

Answer: When your PM2.5 icon (which stands for Particulate Matter) turns red and keeps flashing, it’s time to check if you have an air filter on board! Change this thing at least every 6-8 months or as soon as necessary depending on how dirty it has become with use over the course of those few weeks.

5. Is this unit quiet for bedroom use?

Answer: It’s quiet on the 1! I recommend using sleep mode or manually adjusting to a setting of 3 for sleeping. Run it in this configuration if you are not within the bedroom hours, but otherwise just leave it at its automatic settings which will help keep noise down during peak times when others may need your room too (elevators arriving/departures, etc).

Final Thought

Airthereal is a company that has been in the air purifying business for many years. They have an extensive line of products, but we were lucky enough to get our hands on their newest and sleekest model – The Aph260! This product is super easy to use and really does make you feel like your home smells fresher with every breath.

It’s also reasonably priced which makes it perfect for anyone looking to find ways to save money around the house all while keeping allergies at bay. You can purchase this great new product here or contact us for more information about how it works!

However, we have provided the best Airthereal aph260 review detail in this content. Hopefully, this purifier will be a suitable device for you. Just check the Airthereal 7 in 1 HEPA air purifier reviews and choose the best. We hope you love this fantastic review as much as we do!

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