Germguardian gg1000 review: Is it the perfect suit?

Yes, for sure, the Germguardian gg1000 review will give you a more detailed idea of this product. You will not be confused with other products around you. Based on the key information we have compiled here, the features and benefits that will just amaze you to pick this product. It can become an everyday tool for your home.

Germguardian gg1000

Have you ever experienced a Germ Guardian plug in Air purifier? If not germguardian gg1000 can be a good solution with all possible solutions to make your air clean. Germguardian is a reputed brand making different models of air purifiers for years. They have lots of satisfied customers who undoubtedly recommend this product.

We will tell here the detailed features that made this Germguarian one step ahead of other products. You will know the benefits that will give you better comfort and health benefits. So, come on, we tell you about all these below in detail.

Germguardian gg1000 Specifications

Model GG1000
Manufacturer GermGuardian
Product Color White
Filter Type UV C Light Bulb
Filter Lifestyle 12 months
Fan Mode Single
Power Source 120 Volt AC
Dimension 4 x 3 x 7.5 inches
Weight 0.7 pound
Automatic Mode None
Sensors None
Warranty 1 year limited

In-depth Review of Germguardian gg1000

It comes with some excellent features that keep it one step ahead of other purifiers. We will now discuss each feature and the benefits that are more advanced. You will know each point more specifically and enjoy great benefits.

Germguardian gg1000

Room Size Coverage 

The room size is very important for using an air purifier. It cleans the air of a 456 cubic ft room within an hour. So, when we compare the size of our room, we can calculate the timing. If our room size is 512 cubic feet, it will take more than one hour to clean the air. When we are up to cleaning the air quality of our room, then it is necessary to understand how effectively our purifier will work.

What happens if the room is larger and around 1728 cubic ft? Then it will require around 4 hours to clean the air inside the room. We should measure the space with the length and width of the room; we have to calculate the room’s height to get the real size.

Mostly we use this in our living room, kitchen, garage and other places. We use this continuously, so we need to understand how many hours it will give us the right type of service. So, always calculate the size of the room and assess the air cleaning time.

Air Filter Types

This is a HEPA-certified air purifier. It is the best certification for air purifiers. Those who have this certification are pretty good enough to clean the air properly. So, always go for a HEPA certified air purifier to give you better service and outcomes.

This air purifier comes with an advanced UV-C light that kills the germs and bacteria in our room. It fights effectively the other smell and odor issues. It is one of the most advanced technologies available in air purifiers. There was a three-stage filter system in the other purifiers. Those are good too but compared to the UV C light. So, it is better to hang with the latest technology from this one.

The maintenance of UV C light is also easy; you have to change it every 10 to 12 months, and then it will work perfectly. So, just buy an extra light and replace it. You will have no hassle about it; it is one of the air purifiers that does not need to be maintained regularly.

Fan Speeds

Germguardian gg1000

This is a single-speed air purifier that is silent and quiet in operation. Yes, I am talking about germguardian pluggable air purifiers & sanitizers. This single-speed purifier is awesome in performance. It works simply and keeps your room protected. So, you can have faith in it.

There are different models in the market, even though they have multiple speed features. What happens to the several speed controls? It will give you better speed in air purification, but there are problems too. Using the updated speed in the purifier will provide you with better results, but the life length will be affected. Also, it will not be quite as well.

So, the fan speed does not make too much difference. We want an air purifier to work silently. Germguardian pluggable air purifier is a perfect match for our demands. As a silent one, it is a good match and delivers the best services.

Design & Size

There are purifiers in different sizes, but large sizes are a hassle. It is perfect to have one in a smaller size. This 7 inches purifier is perfect to suit any corner of your home. You can just plug it into any socket and run silently. The design is also compact and sleek. You can also go for the germguardian gg1100w too, which is also a perfect model for you.

The compact size is awesome for fitting any room and any corner. It will adjust with the power socket and hang it there. The size is always a matter when we put an air purifier in our room. Generally, we put them on tables or any furniture. But the trouble starts after that; we need to connect it to the power source. But this one we are talking about is just an easy one to manage that hangs from the power socket.

Can you think this 7-inch purifier can manage a 1700 cubic ft room also? A Germguardian air purifier can manage large rooms, too, as it works on the size of the room at a single speed. It will need around 3-4 hours to keep the room clean. It will clean the air and keep you protected.

Warranty Information

It comes with a one-year limited warranty. The device is well manufactured and can manage continuous operation in your room. It is a perfect match for your office and home. Under the warranty scheme, you can get it fixed, and the customer care centre of GermGuardian is very well-behaved and cooperative.

You can check the overall reviews on GermGuardian pluggable air purifiers & sanitisers; they have good feedback from the clients. Gg1100w is a well-made product that you can use hassle-free and for a longer time. It is made for running 24/7. It will not push you into trouble.

Still, if you have trouble with it, then send it for a warranty. They will take the necessary steps to fix it or replace it according to their policy.

Setup process

Managing the purifier set-up is sometimes a hassle. We need to put it somewhere and then find the closest power outlet. But in the case of this purifier, it is pretty easy. It would be best if you had no place to put it. It will hang on the wall. So, you will find it a perfect portable purifier to suit your room.

Similarly, it would be best if you did not find a power outlet. It will be set in the socket and hung there. So, it is compatible. No more hassle for this purifier setup. Just choose a power socket and set it up there. This is the easiest way to set up this purifier in our room.


Sound issues are very important for air purifiers. Germguardian gg100o is an excellent air purifier that comes with an ultra-quiet feature. It does not make any sound at all. It is so silent that it will not give you any disturbance. There are lots of purifiers available around us. But they are not silent; they have fans inside and make several types of sounds.

Why does a purifier make a sound? The main issue is the fan, and when it has a fan, it runs at several speeds. While the fan moves in speed, it makes a little bit of sound. So, if we buy a cleaner with a fan, we have to adjust to the fan sound’s hassle. This GermGuardian pluggable UV sanitizer and odor reducer are completely silent.

Power Consumption

Germguardian gg100o works with 120V ac power. It would be best if you did not find any higher power outlet or DC power to run it. It consumes very low power and gives you continuous service. Using a purifier that consumes a lot of power will not help you. It will cause you more electric bills and a longer expense.

So, when buying a purifier, just use one that comes with low power consumption. GermGuardian gg1000 is a perfect choice. From every angle, this Germguardian pluggable purifier is a good suit for your everyday life.

Germguardian gg1000

Auto Modes 

You will find several speed modes in purifiers. But why? The reason is as fast the purifier runs; it cleans the air faster. The fan speed controls it. The filter system or no other issues impact it. But this GermGuardian purifier does not have those fast or slow modes. It works at a single speed.

So, however large the room is, it works at the same speed and will get the job done as per its capacity. If the room is large, it will take longer; if the room is small, you need less time.

Air Quality Sensor – Sensitivity Adjustment

In case of air quality issues, a sensor is not a common feature in purifiers. This purifier does not come with a sensor at all. But it works with UV C light that makes the air clean with the best quality. It is the best match for your home and office. You can rely on the purifier unconditionally. These features make this one step ahead of other purifiers.

Additional Features


This is one of the best portable air purifiers available in stores. Its germ guardian plug-in feature is one step ahead to use it easily in our house. Other purifiers need to be placed on any furniture or in any corner of the room. But this germguardian air purifier is pluggable into power sockets and can be hung on the wall.

Compared to other purifiers, it is more portable as it does not occupy any place at all. You can stay hassle-free with this one. You can also try the germguardian gg1100 elite, too, for similar features. They are very compatible for use in your home, office and other places. You can even carry it to any place like a hotel or resort on your vacation to enjoy the clean air feature.


This purifier comes with the most advanced UV-C light. It kills all kinds of viruses and bacteria effectively. It eliminates all kinds of smells and odors in no time. Similarly, the air cleaning feature is advanced to make our home safe and sanitized.

Customer Report

We have checked the client feedback after using this purifier. It is quite a good product that comes with more than 90% of good feedback from the users. They used it, loved it and recommended it to others. We have checked the feedback on online stores like Amazon, eBay and other portals to collect the information.

We have reviewed their feedback on the product. They elaborated on their experience of using this purifier. The portability, compact design, advanced technology, and other features were very attractive, making the users happy. The overall feedback is positive; a few mentioned packaging and technical issues they can mitigate with the warranty features.

What makes the air purifier stand out

There are some stand-alone features of this purifier. Firstly the size and portability. It can be adjusted to any wall on the socket. So, it is the most portable design among all purifiers. It would be best if you did not worry about adjusting the purifier.

On the other hand, technology is more advanced than other purifiers. It comes with a UV

C light that eliminates smell and odor effectively. So, it is better than the other 3 stage purification systems. Why do you need to worry about other purifiers?

The power consumption is quite low, and while running it for the whole month, it will not cost more than a few dollars. The maintenance and replacement of UV C bulbs are also easy and low-cost.

Pros & Cons

  • It is easy to install with the power sockets
  • It is portable and small-sized
  • Easy maintenance
  • It comes with UV C light to kill all smell and odor
  • It works effectively against any virus and bacteria in the air
  • Low power consumption
  • The UV C light can burst for high voltage
  • The wall hanging feature is not strong enough

What alternatives are there?

It isn’t very easy to find a suitable alternative for this one, but you can find similar models from the GermGuardian. The Germguardian Gg1100 is another similar model that can become a perfect alternative. You can try that model too and use it without any hassle.


1. Is the Germ Guardian GG1000 a good value?

When it comes to a good investment, the Germ Guardian GG1000 is worth your consideration.

It offers all of these great features at an affordable price with top-of-the-line performance that will not disappoint!

2. How loud is the Germ Guardian GG1000?

The Germ Guardian air sanitiser is a quiet, effective way to keep your room clean. It has the same white noise that most people like, and it doesn’t make any annoying sounds or rattle either so you can enjoy this machine in peace!

3. Is germguardian a good air purifier?

Yes, the Germ Guardian GG1000 air purifier is good. It is one of the best-selling air purifiers on Amazon. It’s amazingly powerful enough to filter the air around over 1,000 sqft.

Furthermore, The best products have undergone independent lab testing to confirm they can reduce microbes by 99%. Such independent lab tests have been conducted on the GG1000. And it has proven to be effective at this level of reduction against bacteria, mold spores. It is worth mentioning that no product currently on the market will filter out 100% of contaminants. So choose wisely when selecting an air purifier for your home.

4. How to clean germguardian air purifier?

Germguardian gg1000

If it’s a light layer of dust, you can just give the surface a quick wipe with a moist sponge or cloth. You may just have to spray any stubborn areas with water and let them dry before being able to remove them.

If the filter is dirty, wash it in warm soapy water first before spraying it with water and letting it dry. It’s also always helpful to clean the filter approximately every 3-6 months, even if there is no visible buildup. This will help extend its life as well as remove any oily/waxy buildup from inside your air purifier that might make you think it needs to be cleaned more often than necessary!

5. How to use germguardian air purifier?

To use GermGuardian’s air-cleaning products, place one or more of the purifiers near an outlet in a room where you spend time day and night. Plug it into the wall socket using the power cord package included. Place it on a flat surface near furniture to help maximize air circulation for better cleanliness. Press the on/off switch until the green light remains steady, indicating that it is turned on.

A small red indicator will also appear on some models when on standby mode awaiting instructions from you to activate further functions such as ionizer, pre-filter delay timer(s), electronic permanent filter delay timer(s), etc.

Setting all timers before turning off your air cleaner ensures that it is ready to go at a moment’s notice. This is great for those who prefer to use their air cleaner only when needed. This also ensures that your air cleaner is not wasting energy when you don’t need it.

6. Does germ guardian air purifier emit ozone?

GermGuardian air purifiers never emit ozone. All three models of air purifiers use a filter system to pull the indoor smoke, pollen, and dust in a home into a chamber, where it is then removed from the air by an activated carbon pre-filter that traps odors and other smoke particles.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed in detail the Germguardian gg1000 review and given you a detailed idea about the product. We now know all the pros and cons of the benefits of this purifier. I hope you will use it and enjoy the features.

From every angle, Germguardian gg1000 will minimize your cost and become a perfect tool for your home. This is a perfect attachment for your home to make your environment clean and steady.

The comparisons are interesting. Germguardian gg1000 costs a lot less, but you don’t get the best product at such an affordable price!

However, we have an article on our website that will help in deciding what would be good for your needs-the Best Air Purifier Under $50. Why not check it out?

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