Blue Pure 411 Auto Review: Is it perfect for your home?

Do you want a small-sized effective air purifier? The people with congested room space want a small smart purifier with low consumption. They will love the Blue pure 411 auto review certainly.

The Blueair blue pure 411 auto air purifier is a great option for those who are looking for the best way to clean their home’s air. It has been designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, so it won’t take up any space in your room. The cost of this product may put some people off, but it really does pay off if you have allergies or other breathing-related problems.

I would recommend the Blueair blue pure 411 auto air purifier because it provides a high-quality and effective cleaning service that will last for years to come!

However, the best air purifier is always a great expectation for all family members. We are not out of them. A large and big-sized purifier can be disturbed sometimes. In that case, it becomes an urgent need to find a small-sized air purifier.

It will be good news for you that we will discuss a very pretty and small purifier today. Just follow this content and get all the special specifications. Check Price

Blue Pure 411 Auto Specifications

Model 411PACF105530
Manufacturer Blueair
Product Color White
Filter Type Blue Pure 411 Auto Purifier, Washable Pre-filter in Arctic Trail, Particle + Carbon filter
Filter Lifestyle 6 Months
Fan Mode 3 fans
Power Source 1.5 to 10W
Dimensions 20.88 x 9.8 x 9.5 inches
Weight 5.99 pounds
Automatic Mode Yes
Sensors Yes
Warranty 2 years

In-depth Review of Pure Blue 411 Auto

The Blue purifier 411 red light requires a lot of updated features. It is specified with high technology. Let’s have a look at the in-depth description of Blue pure 411 reviews.

Room Size Coverage

The room coverage of the blue pure 411 auto purifier is fit for a family. The room coverage is more extensive than the blue pure 411 purifiers. This beautiful purifier is recommended for a 190 square feet area. The CADA of Blue Pure 411 Auto air purifier is fit for the 13 smoke. It is also able to remove 96 Pollen and 107 Dust.

This Blue Pure 411 Auto purifier is a very popular brand. It is much better than the actual version of Blue Pure 411. This 411 Auto purifier is very powerful.

The Blue Pure 411 Auto purifier design will be familiar to you.

It is mostly similar to the previous version. Everyone will be impressed with the slim and beautiful design.

The Blue pure 411 Auto purifier is an updated and truly improved version. You will get all features from the Blueair blue pure 411 review. A LED indicator is attached to this purifier. It is a simple purifier and perfect for small rooms. You can set this purifier in your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and also in the office room.

Air Filter Types

The Blue Pure 411 Auto purifier has an updated and efficient filtration system. The Blue pure 411 filter replacement system is available. This purifier has basic to advanced filters. Let’s see-


The fabric pre-filter is situated outside of the purifier. You will check this filtration system easily. It is a great advantage of this purifier to identify contaminants of this filter. Users can clean it up within a short time.

Advanced carbon filter

The activated carbon filter is very much effective in removing different odors, gases, smokes, etc., from your room. This type of filter is situated inside the purifier. You will feel relaxed using this filter. The carbon filter is with Blueair pure 411 replacement filter system.

Particle filter

The particle filter is capable of capturing up to 99% of all pollen, pet dander, dust, and other small particles. You can consider this purifier as a HEPASilent technology. People just like this purifier for this particle filter.

The users can recycle these Blueair pure 411 filters. The Polypropylene fibers of the Blue Pure 411 Auto purifier do not have any chemicals. It is naturally antibacterial fiber. These filters are quite energy-efficient. After all, these filters are improved with high-quality particle filters.

Fan speeds

The Blue Pure 411 Auto purifier is the best choice for many users. It has three fan speed modes. The user of this Blue purifier can change the fan speed based on their need. Fan speed facility is an amazing advantage for all users.

Warranty Information

Product warranty is a great gift to all users. We always expect such a type of benefit from all devices. The Blue Pure 411 Auto purifier has a 2-year warranty, but there are some conditions also.

To get this 2-year warranty, you have to complete the registration process within sixty days from purchasing date. If you do not complete this process timely, you will get only a 1-year warranty.

Setup process

The setup process of this Blue Pure purifier is fully an easy process. You will need no helping hand to set up this purifier. Filters of this purifier need to be changed.

The users have to change the filter every six months. Setting Up the filter is not such a hard process. Setting up the filters needs only a few minutes.


This purifier is considered a silent device. For this reason, people like to buy this purifier. The Blue purifiers do not produce high-level sound like other purifiers. It produces from eighteen to forty-eight decibels. The lowest noise level is very low. You will not hear it anymore. So, you can use this as a silent purifier.

Energy Consumption

Consumers will get the energy consumption level from the Blue pure 411 auto review. Do the Blue Pure 411 Auto air purifiers consume a lot of energy? It is a common query for all users. All people buy an air purifier for long-term use. It should be more efficient for users. The consumption level of a purifier is a great feature that always attracts customers.

You have to pay only .7 to 3.5 dollars only for using this air purifier for eight hours daily. This consumption level is really attractive to all consumers.

The Blue Pure 411 Auto purifier is an Energy Star rated device around the world. This purifier is little energy consumption. It runs with only two to ten watts of energy. The minimum energy consumption level makes the purifier just amazing.

Auto Modes

There is an auto mode in this purifier. This auto mode is designed with a one-touch option. You will maintain the environment comfortably with the auto mode easily.

When the auto mode is activated, the settings of the purifier will adjust the fan speeds automatically. The auto mode of this purifier is set up with an LED display. This display indicates three types of signs poor, moderate, and good. Consumers will use this amazing purifier with satisfaction.

Air Quality Sensor – Sensitivity Adjustment

A new form is attached with this purifier is an air quality sensor. The sensor quality device is called a SensorPod. If you see a real-time PM2.5 display, there is a sensor mode. The activity of sensor mode is different from other options. When the air of the room is unhealthy, the sensor mode of the device will automatically identify this situation and make the air conditioner.

Competitive Price

The price range of the Blue Pure 411 Auto is comparatively fantastic. The price level is not very high. It is durable for all consumers. The Blue Pure 411 Auto purifier has different smart features. This purifier has a smart sensor facility. You will know the price from the Blueair blue pure 411 auto review.

Automatic mode and multi fan speeds are very special features of this beautiful air purifier. It is a premium version than the previous one. If you want a smart purifier with a sensor and auto mode, you can use this purifier without any tension.

The price level of this purifier is only 119 dollars, the same as the original version. Consumers think that the price range is much more affordable for them. An attractive and reasonable price is always a fantastic offer for the customers. You can consider the best air purifier for under $150.

Additional Features of Pure Blue 411

The Blueair 411 auto review will give you an idea of the additional features of this product-


The Blue Pure 411 Auto purifier is very portable. It is a tiny-sized purifier. Your family members will just love this purifier for its pretty look. It can be moved easily from here and there without any hassle. It is not a vulnerable device at all.

Effective detector

The updated sensor system of this purifier is much more active and effective. The sensor can detect all types of temperatures of the room air. It will help you to be free from an unhealthy room environment.

Customer Report 

There are a lot of positive Blueair blue pure 411 auto HEPASilent air purifier reviews of customers. Consumers recommend this purifier as the most allergy-free purifier.

People with acute allergies use this purifier. Most of them get free from this problem. Silence mode and reasonable price are also positive recommendations of this purifier from many customers.

What Makes the Air Purifier Stand Out?

The Blue Pure 411 air purifier is just amazing. Besides many effective features, some special features make it outstanding. The multi filtration system, advanced sensor mode, auto mode make this pretty purifier different.


The Blue pure 411 auto review has provided the special specifications of this purifier. Let’s see some most effective features-

  • The filter of this purifier is washable.
  • Carbon and particle filters are available.
  • Remote control and auto fan speed are attached.
  • The filter-life indicator is linked with this purifier.
  • It is a three energy star device.

Pros & Cons

  • It is a device with a friendly budget category.
  • The Blue Pure 411 Auto purifier is with low power consumption level.
  • Design is small and smart.
  • It is improved with high-technology filters.
  • Less noise device.
  • This device has no timer facility.

What Alternatives are there?

The Blue Pure 411 Auto and Blue Pure 411 are two purifiers with mostly similar appearances. Both of the two air purifiers are cylinder-shaped. You will find a little difference between them. Their recommended room sizes are 190 and 161 feet square, respectively.

The weight of the Blue Pure 411 Auto purifier is more than Blue Pure 411. The 411 Auto and 411 purifiers cover small-sized rooms. But, people will get these two at a reasonable price. Both purifiers have three types of filtration systems.

These two purifiers have similar capabilities to kill 99% of smoke, odor, and small particles. They are portable and cover small space of a room.

Consumers will get a little difference between these two amazing purifiers. The Blue Pure 411 Auto has an auto mode function and AQI, whereas the Blue Pure 411 has no auto mode or AQI facility.

Customer reviews of these two purifiers are a little different. The Blue Pure 411 has 4.6 out of 5 and Blue Pure 411 Auto 4.7 out of 5.

Is blueair air purifier good?

Yes, it is. The Blueair purifiers are the best air purifier on the market, and we recommend them first before any other brands. They have the most high-tech, powerful, and efficient air purifier technologies on the market.

Furthermore, They are energy-efficient, quiet, long-lasting, and very well made. They are also great for filtering all kinds of contaminants, odors, allergens, and irritants. They are the best air purifiers around – by far.

Blueair’s three most popular models are the Blueair classic 605, blue pure 411 and blue pure 411 auto. They have been around for a while now and have been proven to be very popular models. The reason for their success is because they use the latest, most advanced air purifier technology on the market.

Which Blueair air purifier is best?

We recommend the Blueair classic 605, blue pure 411, or blue pure 411 auto as the best model to use. These three models have been around for a while now and have been proven to be the most popular and best-selling models on the market.

They use advanced purifying technologies and can clean a large room or medium-size house very well. They are also energy efficient and quiet.



1. How long do blue air filters last?

Answer: Blueair air purifier filters last long. Blueair states that you should replace the filter when it reaches the end of its life. But, in general, a filter should last around six months or more, depending on usage and environment. For example, if you live in a city where there is more air pollution, the filter will need to be replaced faster.

 2. Is Blueair blue pure 411 auto Quiet?

Answer: Blueair air purifiers are relatively quiet. They have a noise rating of 18-48 decibels, which is about the same as a normal conversation. You can barely hear these purifiers when they are on unless you try to listen for them.

 3. Does blue air filter work with allergies?

Answer: Blueair air purifiers are great for people who have allergies or asthma. They can filter out pollen, pet dander, suspended particles, dust, smoke, smog, mold spores, and more. They are high-quality air purifiers that can filter out many different types of airborne pollutants.

 4. Does the Blueair air purifier work for dust?

Answer: Yes, Blueair air purifiers can filter out dust particles. They are high-performance air purifiers that have filtration technologies for trapping particles as small as 0.1 microns in size. This means that they can filter out very fine dust particles and pollen, which aggravate allergies. They also use activated carbon technologies to filter out organic chemicals and gaseous odors.

 5. Does the Blueair Blue Pure 411 auto have a HEPA filter?

Answer: No, the Blueair Blue Pure 411 auto is not a HEPA-certified air purifier. It does use activated carbon technologies, though, which are very effective for trapping airborne pollutants, odors, and gaseous chemicals. It is great for removing cigarette smoke, pet dander, dust, pollen, and mold spores.

 6. Does the Blueair pure 411 auto emit ozone?

Answer: No, the Blueair Blue Pure 411 auto does not emit any ozone. It is a very safe air purifier and does not release any harmful chemicals into the air. It is safe for pregnant women, children, and pets.

 7. Does Blueair bule pure 411 auto air purifier work for bird dander?

Answer: Yes, Blueair air purifiers do a great job of removing bird dander from the air. They have been tested to remove allergens as small as 0.1 microns, which includes pet dander and bird dander. The Bluepure air purifiers use HEPASilent technology to capture fine particles. It works like a vacuum cleaner and can collect bird dander, pollen, and other small particles. You can consider this as the best air purifier for bird dander

 8. Can you wash Blueair pure 411 auto filter?

Answer: Yes, you can wash and reuse the filters on the Blueair models. They come with a pre-filter that can be washed and reused. The purifier will still work with a washed filter, but the performance and filtration capacity may decrease slightly.

Final Thoughts

A good purifier is a common expectation for us all. But, the smart and small-sized purifier with reasonable price will not be available all time. We have got the best one like our expectations from the Blue Pure 411 Auto purifier review.

The blueair Pure 411 Auto is a great pickup for someone who wants to clean the air in their home. This unit has 3 speeds and an auto mode, so you can pick whatever setting is best for your needs.

It filters out dust particles as well as allergens like pet hair and pollen from the air that circulates through its 4 stages of filtration (pre-filter + activated carbon filter + HEPA filter). Plus, this purifier also does double duty by removing chemicals such as formaldehyde too!

Hopefully, you get all your specifications from this purifier. So, could you pick it up and relax?

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your indoor air quality, we recommend checking out our review on this product or other blueair models below!

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