Best Air Purifier for Vaping

If you vape, you know how annoying it is to have that nasty smell around you all the time. And you probably feel bad about breathing it in every day. The Best Air Purifier for Vaping on the market can help you enjoy the benefits of vaping without all of the hassle of cleaning up your house after each session.

But finding the right one is not easy. There are over 1000 results on Amazon for air purifiers, and most of them look great on paper.

That’s why we’ve done the research and compiled a list of the 10 best vape pen air purifiers available today. We’ve also got a buying guide to help you decide which one is best for you.

So, let’s get started!

How to Choose Best Air Purifier for Vaping?

Finding the best air purifier for vaping can be a daunting task. There are a lot of different factors that you should keep in mind as you research the best model for your needs. Read on to learn more about what makes a great vape air purifier, and see our top picks for this year.


You’ll need to consider the airflow associated with any air purifier you may be considering. This is especially true if you want a model that can handle vaping smoke, as larger models will generally have higher airflow ratings. Look for an air purifier with adjustable fan settings and consider one that comes equipped with an easy-to-use remote control for when you want to change the settings.

CADR Rating:

When you’re looking for an air purifier that can handle vaping smoke, it’s important to keep in mind the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) associated with each model. A higher CADR rating means better filtration and more airflow. If you live in a large home or if your vape sessions tend to get out of control, you’ll want to keep this rating in mind.

Weight and Size:

If you plan on placing your air purifier near your vaping station, then you’ll need to consider its size and weight. Most models aren’t very heavy, but the height of the unit should be considered if you want it to fit under overhead cabinets or low-hanging shelves. As well, keep in mind that certain types are built with wheels that make them easy to move about.


The most effective air purifiers for vaping will have a number of different types of filtration methods in place. Look for a model that’s equipped with HEPA technology and activated carbon, as this will help to eliminate the smell associated with smoke and other odors.

Air purifiers that have a pre-filter and LED lights are also great choices.


If you’re looking for an air purifier that can handle intense vaping sessions, then it’s important to find one that has a relatively large coverage area. Look for models with at least 400 square feet of coverage and consider those that have a wall-mounted design for optimal results.

Filter Replacement: 

You should consider how often replacement filters will be needed for the best vape smoke air purifier. For example, if you’re dealing with heavy vape smoke on a regular basis, then it may be better to invest in something that uses both carbon and true HEPA filters. This way, when one filter is used up, you can at least still have some functionality until the replacement filters arrive.


Since the cost of a good air purification unit for vape smoke can be somewhat high, you should consider getting one with a strong warranty. This way, you know that the manufacturer stands by their product and that if something goes wrong they will fix it no matter what time limitations might apply. A longer warranty is always better, but there should at least be a time limit in place.


You should consider your price range when looking for the best air purification unit for vape smoke. It is important to make sure that it will fit within your budget but also get all of the features you need including customizable settings and a strong warranty. The more expensive options may be better for more serious vape smokers, but you can always start with a mid-range option and upgrade later if necessary.


If you want the best air purifier for vape smoke that will be portable, then one with a convenient size and weight will be ideal. Ideally, it should have special carrying cases available to make transporting from room to room easy. Some models can even stand on their own or hang from a hook on your wall making them a good choice for more temporary setups where you need to move them around often.

Noise Level:

The best air purifier for vape smoke should have a decibel level that’s as low as possible to help you enjoy whatever you’re doing without being distracted by the machine itself. In general, anything over 40 decibels will be good at least for lighter vaping sessions. It should also have a noise dampening system so it can work quietly in the background without disrupting your entire household.

Fan Speeds:

The best vape smoke air purifiers will have a variable fan speed that you can control based on your needs. Higher speeds are good for removing odors and gasses, but if they’re too high it may be difficult to sleep or concentrate. Some units have different types of fan speeds as well as a quiet mode which is helpful if you need to run it when you’re sleeping or in a room where quiet is preferred.

Extra Features:

After you’ve decided to purchase an air purifier for vaping, it’s time to consider the extra features associated with each model. Options like UV technology, ionizers, and odor reduction filters should be kept in mind as you shop around.

While all of these features are important to consider, keep in mind that price is also a factor. If you’re shopping on a budget, then there are plenty of affordable models that will suit your needs. With that being said, expect to pay more for advanced features like UV lights or fragrance filters.


What is Vaping?

Vaping is the act of inhaling vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device. This helps smokers get their nicotine fix in public places without subjecting others to harmful secondhand smoke that can lead them towards health issues down the road!

Vaping is not just for smokers trying to quit, it’s also a great way for people to enjoy nicotine without having to smoke tobacco. In addition, vaping doesn’t produce the same smell as smoking tobacco, so it’s a great alternative for people who don’t want to stink up their clothes.

However, vaping has become increasingly popular to smokers for this reason, as well as the fact that they can now find a flavor of e-liquid to fit their palate from fruity, sweet, or even traditional tobacco flavors with little nicotine. Most enthusiasts prefer vaping with a subohm tank because it produces larger vape clouds and more flavorful vapor, especially for those switching from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping.

It’s important for vapers and electronic cigarette users to know that secondhand vaping, like secondhand smoke, is unlikely to cause the same harm as it would be direct exposure or inhaling of tobacco smoke. However, it’s always best to be safe and use a quality air purifier just in case.

Top 10 Best Air Purifier For Vaping 2022: An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Air purifiers are a great way to make sure that your lungs stay healthy, and you don’t get any unwanted side effects from vaping. But with so many models out there, it’s difficult to know which one is the best fit for your needs. To make things easier, we’ve created this buyers guide that outlines the best air purifiers for vaping in 2022. Read on to find out more.

  1. TruSens Air Purifier with UV-C Light + True HEPA Filtration


  • Brand: TruSens
  • Model Number: Z3000AP
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 12.99 x 13.19 x 31.89 inches
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 17.93 pounds
  • Warranty:

The TruSens Z-3000 air purifier is the first dual-airflow model from TruSens. This is unlike a traditional air purifier because it comes with several amenities that make it ideal for a wide range of environments.

It features a 360-degree DuPont True HEPA filtration system that captures pollutants such as airborne viruses, allergens, and certain VOC gases. Ultraviolet light (UV-C) kills germs and bacteria trapped in the filter.

The Z-3000 also features Bi-directional Airflow, which delivers purified air more effectively throughout a room. The air purifier uses a sensor to detect when air is moving through the room and then adjusts the fan speed accordingly. The result of this dual airflow is that the Z-3000 provides cleaner air more efficiently throughout the room, making it more effective than most traditional vertical filters.

The Z-3000 also features TruSens, a modern operating system with a bright and colorful LED touchscreen. The display provides the user with all of the important information about the purifier and its performance in real-time.

This air purifier includes two high-performance fans to ensure that air is delivered effectively throughout your living space. And because it is so well designed, it should be able to survive in any room of your home.

The Z-3000 is powered by the TruSens Sensor Pod, a smart sensor that communicates with the Z-3000 via a Bluetooth module. The sensor constantly monitors the air quality in your room and will adjust the air purifier’s fan speed accordingly.

However, if you are looking for the best air purifier for vaping, the TruSens Z-3000 purifier is the best air purifier on the market. It is well-built with a very wide range of features that make it perfect for anyone who wants cleaner air in their home. The key here is the DuPont True HEPA filtration system, which captures airborne pollutants and germs, such as viruses and bacteria.

  • The 360-degree DuPont True HEPA filtration technology captures airborne pollutants and germs, such as viruses and bacteria.
  • The ultraviolet light in the Z-3000 destroys germs and bacteria that have accumulated in the filter.
  • It includes Bi-directional Airflow, which allows purified air to move more effectively throughout a space.
  • This cleaner is well designed to handle different types of rooms with ease.
  • The display provides you with real-time, bite-sized data about the air quality in your home
  • Dual airflow ensures effective clean air delivery throughout the room
  • Very well designed, making it ideal for most rooms in the home
  • The sensor pod is easy to mount but does need a lot of work to install.
  • There are no included remote sensor pods in the kit.
  1. Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier


  • Brand: Honeywell
  • Model Number: HPA300
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 9.25 x 20 x 22.25 inches
  • Weight: 17 Pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty Description: 5 year limited warranty.
  • Country of Origin: China

The Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier is one of the best on our list. It is highly rated by real users because of its stylish design and high-performance air purifier. This model will effectively clean any room up to 465 sq. ft.


This air purifier has a simple 3-speed setting that is very user-friendly and easy to adjust. The Honeywell HPA300 is super quiet, making this a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful, yet quiet air purifier. There are two types of filters available for the Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier. The optional carbon filter or standard pre-filter may be used with this model.

This air purifier has an easy-to-clean filter that can be removed for cleaning within moments. It also has an indicator light that turns red when the pre-filter needs to be replaced, which helps prevent you from forgetting to replace your filters.

The Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier is recognized for its outstanding efficiency. This model is able to clean up 4.8 times more air in a single hour than other standard air purifiers. This is ideal for anybody searching for an air purifier that can stand up to the elements.

The Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier has an auto-off function that turns off the unit after 15 minutes of no use. It also has two different speeds which allow you to set this unit at its lowest speed during normal use and higher speeds when cleaning an especially dusty room.

The Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier is energy efficient, meaning you can use your air purifier for years without having to worry about electricity bills. This model does require a special type of power that can be found in most homes with dryer vents.

This unit is compatible with household items such as household cleaning products and vacuum cleaner attachments. This air purifier also supports an 87-decibel noise level for quiet operation.

The Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier comes with a 5-year warranty that can be extended to 10 years if you register on their website. The unit also comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

  • This air purifier is reasonably priced compared to other models.
  • The design of this air purifier is sleek and modern.
  • This unit has up to 4.8 times the air cleaning in one hour than other purifiers.
  • The pre-filter indicator light and easy-clean filter are convenient features of this model.
  • This unit uses little electricity and can be used at night without being disruptive to sleep.
  • This air purifier is great for rooms of all sizes, including extra-large rooms.
  • The Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier is very loud.
  • Adjustments are difficult because this machine does not come with a remote control.
  1. Alen BreatheSmart Flex Air Purifier


  • Brand: Alen
  • Model number: Flex-Pure
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.5 x 15 x 25 inches
  • Weight: 15 Pounds
  • Color: White
  • Warranty:
  • Country of Origin: China

The Alen BreatheSmart Flex Air Purifier is one of the most popular air purifiers on Amazon. It is the perfect air purifier for small to large rooms alike. And, perhaps most importantly, it’s quiet. This is a huge win not only for those with light sleepers or those with kids or pets that would awaken at night but also for those whose allergies are triggered by tobacco smoke and other odors.

The Alen BreatheSmart Flex Air Purifier comes with a few standard features including a HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, and pre-filter.The pre-filter captures significant particles, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens. The HEPA filter then captures 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger in size. The activated carbon filter reduces irritating household odors like pet odor, cooking, and stale smoke odors. ​

The Alen BreatheSmart Flex Air Purifier is a very powerful unit that does a great job at eliminating odors and capturing small particles. It also makes it the best air purifier for tobacco smoke and other odors, as well as the best air purifier for those with allergies or asthma. It also does a great job of filtering small particles from the air. Furthermore, it is Energy Star certified, making it one of the most energy-efficient devices on the market. It’s important to note that this unit has a very low energy consumption of 50 Watts on Turbo speed. It can run continuously on low speed for up to 8 hours while consuming less than 10 cents per month in electricity costs.

The Alen BreatheSmart Flex is an excellent entry-level air purifier. It’s ideal for homes and small offices that have moderate to heavy levels of indoor air pollution. It’s very quiet and easy to use, making it suitable for smokers or vapers looking to remove smoke, odors, and pollutants while they sleep. It has a coverage area of up to 700 square feet.

The unit comes with 5 speeds which can be selected by using either the touch sensor, remote or the control panel. The flat-panel design looks really nice, is compact and less bulky than many other units out there.

The Alen BreatheSmart Flex Air Purifier is an excellent air purifier for any space in your house or business. It has a high rating of Awesome Air and is simple to use. As such, we highly recommend this unit as the best air purifier for vaping from our best air purifiers for vaping list. This Alen BreatheSmart Flex Air Purifier comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

  • Has a turbo speed which makes it perfect for those looking to remove odors and particles quickly
  • Removes 99.97% of all particles that are 0.1 microns and up
  • It comes with a 3-year limited warranty.
  • It cleans under 700 square feet.
  • It’s quiet and energy-efficient.
  • It’s dust-free and odor-free cleaning.
  • Energy Star certified.
  • Very big and bulky
  • May require manual cleaning for finer particles.
  1. Bissell air400 Professional Air Purifier with HEPA


  • Brand: Bissell
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 16.13 x 9.75 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 22.82 Pounds
  • Color: Grey
  • Model number: 24791
  • Warranty:
  • Country of Origin: China

The Bissell air400 Professional Air Purifier is the cleanest and best air purifier for vaping on the market currently. It can purify the air in your house of smoke, dust, and pet dander. This air purifier has a simple interface and only requires a few minutes to assemble. It has a continuous operation of 1-Hour (1 load every hour) -Cleaning Mode.

The Bissell air400 Professional Air Purifier employs 3 stages of filtration in order to provide you with the most effective protection against airborne particles associated with vaping. It includes a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, and a HEPA filter in this order. The pre-filter captures large debris such as pet hair and lint. Its activated carbon filter effectively eliminates odors from the air. Finally, its HEPA filter captures 99.97% of 0.3-micron particles and is smaller, including pollen, dust, smoke, hair, and pet dander.

It also has an automatic mode, which is intended to automatically alter based on the readings it gets from the environment you’re in. The Bissell air400 Professional Air Purifier is the best air purifier for vaping and will protect your health and the quality of your vaping gear.

The air400 comes with washable filters and is quite efficient as well as removing both PM2.5 and other types of harmful particles in the air. The design is sleek, modern, and compact, making it ideal to use in small spaces or even homes where carpeting dominates the floor.

The Bissell air400 Professional Air Purifier is the top pick for a variety of reasons. It offers the most advanced air filtration system, making it great for living spaces up to 432 square feet. The most innovative aspect of this purifier is a carbon filter that includes a honeycomb structure which allows it to trap impurities and odors. On top of that, it also features an automated cleanser that can intelligently respond to changes in your indoor air quality.

Lastly, the thermal electric fan automatically adjusts to maintain optimal airflow, making this purifier great for bedrooms, living spaces, basements, and dining rooms.

  • Quality filtration and effective against pet dander, dust, and even cigarette smoke
  • Works from 1 hour to 12 hours
  • Uses carbon filter to capture odor and impurities
  • Auto cleaning mode automatically adjusts settings to maintain optimal air quality
  • Comes with washable filters that are easy to clean into the machine.
  • Most advanced air filtration system
  • Honeycomb carbon filter
  • Automated cleanser
  • This purifier takes up somewhat more space than other purifiers.
  • The air quality issue after investing in a purifier for several months.
  1. Coway Airmega 300 (Covers 1,256 sq. ft.) with Smart Technology


  • Brand: Coway
  • Model number: AP-1515H
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 13.58 x 20.94 x 13.58 inches
  • Weight: 21.4 Pounds
  • Color: White
  • Warranty:
  • Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

The Coway Airmega 300 is a long-lasting, energy-efficient room air cleaner designed for homes with up to 1,256 square feet. It has true HEPA filters that are certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ( ACA)to remove 99.97% of particles as small 0 .3 microns in size including dust mites pet dander or mold spores making it perfect if you have allergic reactions from other sources such smoke-free environment.

This filter is washable, which means you will not have to worry about wasting money on new filters for the life of the unit. The filter has a lifespan of up to two years. Some reviewers reported it lasting even longer. The machine includes a pre-filter that catches larger dust particles, extending the life of your HEPA filter.

The Airmega 300 also boasts Coway’s SmartSensor technology. This technology alerts you when your filter needs to be cleaned or replaced based on indoor air quality, including temperature and humidity levels. It also has a Bluetooth-enabled display that communicates the current air quality and changes in air quality.

This device covers 1,256 square feet and can filter more than one room at a time. The machine can be used as a baby room air cleaner, as well. This air purifier also has a digital timer.

The device has five fan speeds, and you can set it to run at one speed for eight hours, two speeds for four hours, or all three speeds for one hour. The slowest speed creates a noise level of less than 43 decibels, which is virtually silent. The highest setting produces a noise level of about 43 decibels.

It also has a sleep mode, which will gradually lower the fan speed to the lowest setting after 30 minutes. The display screen provides information about the air quality, including temperature and humidity, as well as filter lifespan.

The machine has an Energy Star certification, and it can be operated via remote control. It includes a remote to adjust settings or turn the device on or off. It’s also easy to set up.

  • Reported long filter lifespan of 2+ years
  • Remote measure air quality and change filters when needed
  • Variable fan speeds with ultra-silent mode (43 dB)
  • Long-lasting filter.
  • Five fan speeds.
  • Energy Star certified.
  • Filter replacement is expensive by itself
  • Unit is heavier than other units on market.
  1. LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Large Room 


  • Brand: LEVOIT
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 12 x 12 x 23 inches
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 20.2 pounds
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Model number: LV-H133

The H13 True HEPA Filter is designed for medium-sized rooms up to 1150 square feet (100 m²) in size up to 20 times per hour. The 3-stage filtration technology captures at least 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in sizes, such as those from dust, pet dander, and smoke, for quick relief from many symptoms of allergies and asthma such as sneezing and coughing.

When you switch on the Auto Mode, the built-in infrared sensor will detect air quality and adjust fan speeds to a comfortable level. With such a simple procedure, you can always have fresh air at your fingertips. The H13 True HEPA Filter also has a low-maintenance design that prolongs your engine’s life cycle for up to 20,000 hours.

The LV-H133 offers a lot of great features, such as Auto Mode, Sleep Mode, Noise Level, Filter Indicator, and High Efficiency.

The air purifier is Certified by the FCC, CARB Certified by California Air Resources Board, and ETL Listed & Certified.

This product is safe to use, and it is not a fire hazard, nor will it produce ozone. The H13 True HEPA Filter is capable of removing dust, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne irritants. It even removes tobacco smoke.

  • The built-in HEPA filter catches all allergens like pet dander and pollen.
  • The H13 True HEPA Filter is simple to maintain.
  • The power supply can operate for 20,000 hours or more without failure.
  • The filter removal indicator is a useful and environmentally-friendly feature of this air purifier
  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • It has a low price.
  • The energy efficiency is not very good. The air cleaner has low energy consumption.
  • It requires electricity to work, so it will be expensive to operate if you use it often.
  1. Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02 Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier, White/Silver


  • Brand: Dyson
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 7.7 x 4.3 x 40.1 inches
  • Weight: 7.9 Pounds
  • Model Number: N475 305158-01
  • Warranty: 2 year warranty on parts and labor.

The Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02 Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier is the ideal option for people looking to purify their home’s air. Millions of microscopic particles, including everything from pet dander to harmful chemicals, are removed from your home with the help of this purifier. The HEPA filter ensures that as much as 99.97 percent of these particles are eliminated from your home quickly and easily.

The Air Purifier will automatically start when you wake up and allows you to track the air quality at all times. It is possible to remotely control the machine from your smartphone so that it can be on for up to eight hours during the night. The purifier also includes a sleep timer, which will ensure that the machine turns off after your desired amount of time.


In addition to all of these features, the Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02 Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier is also excellent for those who suffer from asthma. This Air Purifier comes with a dual HEPA filter that is asthma and allergy-friendly.

With all of these wonderful benefits and a reasonable price tag, you might wonder why anyone wouldn’t make the purchase.

However, there is one downside to this machine that should be mentioned. There is no display screen or user interface on this machine. All of your settings may be controlled using the buttons on the device. This model is not only easy to install, but also easy to clean. In addition, it is also rather quiet.

  • Low power consumption
  • Automatic nighttime mode is nice and quiet.s (but this is not necessarily a negative)
  • Quality air purification
  • Dual filter system makes asthma and allergy-friendly
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Quieter than most machines like it
  • LED display dims after 8 hours which is nice for late-night cleaning
  • Lack of user interface.
  • Heavier then some models with the same feature.
  1. HATHASPACE Air Purifier for Home Large Room with True HEPA Air Filter for Allergies


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 9 x 16.5 x 27 inches
  • Weight: 27.8 pounds
  • Color: White
  • Warranty: 5 years manufacturer’s warranty

The HATHASPACE Air Purifier for Home Large Room with True HEPA Air Filter is a great air purifier for both vaping and e-cigar smoking use. This unit has the highest CADR rating than any other air purifier or true HEPA on the market right now. The HATHASPACE is also one of the most popular top-rated air purifiers on Amazon and has excellent customer ratings.

This air purifier actually works great for vaping and smoking, the best feature that sets this purifier apart from other units is that it fits almost anywhere – office, bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Another great feature about this air purifier is its coverage area is 1500 square feet. Plus, it’s great for medium size rooms.

It also has a washable pre-filter, a True HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter for odor removal. It’s the ideal air purifier for vapers. In fact, it’s one of the top-rated air purifiers for vaping by users.

However, some customers say that it will take a long time for the air purifier to keep up with the air flow. It also doesn’t come with any sort of digital display but all features still work great.

If you’re looking for the best air purifier for vaping, this is it. It’s obviously made to be used in an office or living room environment and can definitely keep up with the air flow. It’s a great device that comes with a five-year warranty, which is hard to find.

  • Unique honeycomb activated-carbon filter for odor removal
  • 1500 square feet coverage area for medium rooms
  • Strong airflow rate: 1500 per hour
  • Excellent customer reviews (8.5 out of 10) on amazon.
  • Includes built-in air quality monitor
  • 5-year warranty
  • Not good for small rooms
  • Very loud fan
  1. Blueair Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier 3 Stage with Two Washable Pre-Filters


  • Brand: Blueair
  • Color:
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 13 x 13 x 28.2 inches
  • Weight: 18.2 Pounds
  • Weight 18.2 pounds
  • Model Number: 121PACF100712
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty. 2 year warranty with product registration through blueair.

The high-quality Blueair Pure 121 Air Purifier is a great product for your home. With its 3 part filtration system, it captures 99% of the common airborne PM 2 .5 pollutants such as allergens and odors to provide you with cleaner air in any room!

The Blueair Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier also has a carbon filter that acts as an odor absorber and can absorb common odors caused by pets, cooking and dorm-room smells as well as gases (VOC’s). This air purifier also includes a washable pre-filter, which may be used with any washable fabric.

The Blueair Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier features two layers of filtering material, which is made up of two shells. This design allows the air purifier to produce airflow at lower noise levels. It has three different airflow settings and can even run at a low fan speed when it’s not needed (only the carbon filter is in use).

The Blueair Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier is made for rooms up to 600 square feet in size. It’s AHAM certified and rated at 620 sq. ft(120 square meters). With its high-performance, three-stage filtration technology, the Blueair Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier can be used in bedrooms and living rooms, as well as in medium to large-sized kitchens.

However, if you are searching for an air purifier for vaping, then you’ll want to know that the Blueair Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier does emit ozone into the air. This is how it effectively cleans the air and also how its UV-C light kills airborne bacteria, viruses, mold, and tobacco smoke particles. If you’re only looking for an air purifier for vaping and other products that emit ozone are not important to you, then this might be the best air purifier for vaping for your needs.

  • 3 step filtration system that captures 99% of the common airborne pollutants (PM2.5)
  • Captures carbon particles that absorb odors, smoke, cooking smells, and gases (VOCs)
  • Many media types of filtration
  • Super quiet operation
  • Superior technology
  • Comes with two pre-filters and washable filters
  • This air purifier emits ozone into the air
  • This unit is expensive
  1. TruSens Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier | UV-C Light + True HEPA Filtration


  • Brand: TruSens
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.35 x 10.35 x 28.58 inches
  • Weight: 13.23 Pounds
  • Model Number: Z-3500
  • Warranty:


The TruSens Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier is designed in such a way as to create a clean and comfortable atmosphere in your living area. This purifier provides you with the perfect balance between style and performance.

It can cover up to 1,425 square feet of the area; and since it is portable, you can take this air purifier with you whenever you travel. Its UV-C technology destroys up to 99.9 percent of the viruses and bacteria in your air, thus helping to keep your family healthy and protected


The TruSens Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier is the last air purifier on our list that is designed to work with the TruSens App. This air purifier has advanced sensor technology that monitors ultrafine particles, smoke particles, and odors in the room. It also alerts you when filter replacements are needed. This Air Purifier is an excellent choice for those who have pets or enjoy smoking in their home.

The TruSens purifier is a 360-degree air purifier, which means it cleans the air from every direction to provide a cleaner environment. Not only does this purifier remove harmful particles from the air, but it also has a built-in HEPA filter that actually neutralizes airborne viruses, allergens, and certain VOC gases. This purifier also has UV-C technology that kills airborne germs and bacteria.

TruSens Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier is a premium air purifier from TruSens that is designed to help users monitor their indoor and outdoor air quality practically anytime, anyplace. This unit features a Wi-Fi-enabled sensor pod and provides users with real-time air quality and AQI information (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10) readings. It also comes with an intuitive mobile app (iOS, Android) and Alexa support.

This air purifier has an auto setting, which adjusts its settings to fit the current environment. This ensures that you are breathing clean air at all times, even if you aren’t aware of it.

It has also featured auto, sleep, turbo, and timer-based modes that allow you to control the speed of the fan and the level of purification. It has a sensor that monitors pollution levels in your area while also controlling the speed of the fan.  TruSens Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier has also provided you with a remote that helps you control each mode.

It is also designed to look beautiful, offering an elegant appearance along with its outstanding design.

  • It can detect both ultrafine particles and smoke particles.
  • The HEPA filtration removes allergens and airborne viruses.
  • It features adjustable speed control to allow you to choose the right speed depending on your preference.
  • UV-C technology is used to destroy germs and bacteria.
  • It has a sensor that alerts you when filter replacements are needed.
  • Pollution level tracking and alert
  • Easy to maintain.​
  • This unit is not as powerful as some of the other units on the market.
  • The user manual could be better.

Types of Vaper Removing Air Purifiers and Filters: What Are They and How Do They Work?

There are many vape smoke air purifiers on the market but they can be broken down into a few main types. Each one works in a different way to give you cleaner vape smoke air and remove all vape odor from your home.

HEPA Technology:

The first type is HEPA technology. This system uses filters that capture vape smoke particles down to 0.3 microns in size. This is the smallest vape smoke particle out there and ensures that it doesn’t get missed by your equipment.

Activated Carbon Filters:

Activated carbon filters are another popular option for vape smoke air purifiers. These filters use vape smoke particles to absorb vape smoke odor and then get rid of it completely. They often come in pre-filtered options and some even offer high-volume airflow without compromising performance like other purifiers might.

UV Technology:

Some vape smoke air purifiers use UV technology to completely sterilize vape particles and remove vape smell from the area. This system is similar to what hospitals use and can be found in some vape smoke ionizers as well.

Negative Ion:

An ionizer produces negative ions, which attach vape smoke particles in the air, making them too heavy to remain floating around. A filter can then collect vape smoke particles. This type of vape smoke air purifier is powerful but can be expensive and need frequent replacement of filters.

Ozone Generators:

Last but not least, there are vape smoke ionizer machines that rely on ozone generators to remove vape smell and vape smoke particles. These units are incredibly efficient at removing vape smell, but they can be too powerful for most homes if used on a regular basis.

Does an Air Purifier Eliminate Vape Pen Smoke and Odor?

When you vape, what is created is essentially an aerosol. This aerosol contains ultra-fine particles that can get into the air and on surfaces in your home.

There isn’t a definitive answer to this question because it depends on so many factors: The quality of the air purifier we’re talking about, the size of your space, the amount of vaping being done, the type of material being vaped on, etc.

Generally speaking though, if you are using a good air purifier with an efficient HEPA filter it will eliminate most vape pen smoke and odor.


Do air purifiers help with vaping?

Yes, they do. Generally speaking, if you are using a good air purifier with an efficient HEPA filter it will eliminate most vape pen smoke and odor. This is because the filter is able to trap ultra-fine particles such as those produced by vape pens.

Moreover, air purifiers can also help with your breathing by filtering out irritants and other contaminants in the air. This is true for any type of air purifier, but especially for those that use HEPA filters to trap ultra-fine particles such as smoke and odors.

So yes, an air purifier does help with vaping! Typically speaking though you need a good unit that uses a HEPA filter because many vape pen odors are of the ultra-fine particle variety.

Other than that you just need to consider whether or not your space is big enough, how much vaping will be done, and so on.

As mentioned above though, it depends on so many factors including which specific type of air purifier is being considered. Generally speaking though, HEPA filters are considered to be the best at trapping ultra-fine particles.


What is the Best Air Purifier for Vaping?

As mentioned, it depends on so many factors including the specific type of air purifier being considered as well as the size and layout of your space, how much vaping will be done, etc.

Generally speaking though, HEPA filters are considered to be the best at trapping ultra-fine particles. Moreover, if you’re looking for an affordable yet high-quality model then Zera is a good choice.

If your budget allows for it, you can’t go wrong with the IQAir GC Multigas. This is a top-of-the-line air purifier that will most likely fulfill all of your requirements and then some!

The smaller and cheaper models such as Alen BreatheSmart and Rabbit Air MinusA2 aren’t going to meet the needs of the average vaper. They are really designed for use in small spaces and are fine at trapping odors, but won’t filter out particles as well.

Most air purifiers are suitable for vaping though! Simply, you just need to ensure that you get one with a decent HEPA filter. This is the most common type of filtration and it can trap ultra-fine particles such as vape pen smoke and odor.

And again, you need to consider all of the factors involved including your vaping habits and how much vaping is done in the space you want to purify. If you go with a bigger air purifier then yes, it will eliminate more vape pen smoke and odor.


How do I get rid of vape smoke in my room?

If you want to get rid of the vape smoke from your house, there are a few things to consider. Here are some pointers that can help you remove the smoke from your home:

Use a Vape Juice with Low VG:

To get rid of the vape smell, you can use a liquid that has a low VG (vegetable glycerin) content. VG is one of two primary ingredients used in e-juice. The other ingredient is usually propylene glycol or some mix of both. While PG retains flavor better than VG, it doesn’t hold on to smell. That is why PG juices are usually more popular in fruity flavors. High VG content, on the other hand, ensures that all taste is gone with the wind after vaping it for a few minutes.

If you want to get rid of the vape smell in your room, clothes, or car, use 100% VG liquid instead. Make sure that you use 100% VG content, otherwise, you can still vape but the smell will linger.

Use Essential Oils:

Experts recommend using essential oils to get rid of the vape smell in your room or car. The easiest way to do this is by putting a few drops on your dryer sheet before you put it into the laundry basket. These essential oils will ensure that the smell is gone just like how it works for dryer sheets. You can also use cinnamon sticks or vanilla extract to get rid of the vape smell.

Use Charcoal:

Charcoal is one of the best ingredients you can find in removing odors naturally. It absorbs all kinds of smells including smoke, so putting a bowl of charcoal in your car can ensure that no smoke smell will linger. This method works best to get rid of the vape smell after you’re done vaping inside your room or car.

Use Coffee Beans:

Coffee beans are another good odor remover, though they only work for a few minutes. You can put them in a small bowl and leave them in a room overnight, or put them in a car for a few hours. They will absorb the nasty smoke smell inside your room or car, so you can vape without worrying about any smoke smell afterward.

Use Air Purifier:

As mentioned above, most air purifiers are suitable for vaping. If you want to get rid of the smell in your room, use a high-end air purifier such as IQAir GC or Airmega. They can effectively eliminate any vape smell in your room as small particles are trapped by the HEPA filter. You may also need to use essential oils or charcoal after using an air purifier though.

Use Vape Juice With a Mild Flavor:

If you’re a beginner, it’s best to use an e-juice with a mild flavor. This is especially true for people who want to quit smoking without using nicotine. By browsing online, you will find that there are companies that offer different flavors of vape juices. Picking something mild ensures that its smell doesn’t linger in your room or car after you vape it.

Use Air Fresheners:

It’s a good idea to use air fresheners or Febreze, at least in your roomBefore going out, make sure to eliminate all of the vape odor. Vaping is already considered as a threat by many people, so it would be best not to look suspicious while doing something that might be banned eventually if we keep going at this rate. Also, using air fresheners is a good way to keep a fresh smell in the room after you vape.

The FDA urges vapers to take precautionary measures before vaping in public, especially if they live with people who have asthma or any other respiratory problem. Asthma sufferers may have an attack due to the presence of e-juice ingredients such as propylene glycol, so it would be best to avoid vaping in the presence of such people.

Use a Unique Flavor:

Vape juice manufacturers come up with new flavors all the time. This is why you should use unique flavors that you can enjoy and everyone else will not be able to detect right away. For instance, you can vape with a chocolate flavor that has the scent of freshly baked brownies. You can’t smell this unless you are up close to someone vaping it, but it’s still safe to use since no second-hand vapor is being released into the air.

How often do I need to change the air purifier filters when vaping?

The lifespan of the filters will depend on the size of the purifier, how often you vape indoors and if any pets are present in your home. Generally speaking, it’s suggested that you replace the filter every 2-3 months.

For those with pets, more frequent filter changes are recommended as pet dander is a common trigger for asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Why should you use an Air Purifier for Vaping?

A vape is an electronic device that vaporizes the liquid nicotine and flavors used in e-cigarettes. The vapor is then drawn through a mouthpiece and into the lungs. When you inhale from your vape, you’re basically inhaling a mist of fine particles, many of which are toxic. To get these toxic particles out of your mouth and lungs, you need a good filtration system. A good air purifier for vaping is the best way to filter the vapor so that you can use your vape without the risk of inhaling dangerous substances.

However, it’s important to note that not all air purifiers can catch vape particles so it’s best to check with the manufacturer first before making a purchase. Air purifiers come in different sizes and some are more advanced than others. It’s best to shop around for the one that best fits your needs and budget. Thanks for reading our guide on the best air purifiers for vaping!



  1. Do air purifiers help the lungs?

Answer: Yes, air purifiers help to rid the air of pollution through their filter system. The filters catch small particles which are then destroyed by an oxidation process before leaving the unit..

  1. Do Air Purifiers Remove Vape Clouds?

Answer: An air purifier designed for vaping will help you get rid of vape clouds. However, it depends on the specific product because there are some which have a lower filtration system than others.

  1. Do HEPA Filters Remove Vapors?

Answer: Yes, if the purifier has a HEPA filter then that means it’s designed to catch tiny particles. Therefore, it should be able to get rid of vapor and smoke.

  1. Should I sleep with the air purifier on?

Answer: You can sleep with an air purifier on, but you should always check the specific directions for the product. Some products are designed to run throughout the night while some are recommended for use only when needed.

  1. Where is the best place for an air purifier?

Answer: It’s best to place an air purifier near the source of smoke and vapor, such as where you vape or smoke. This way, the particles will be caught before they travel through your home.

  1. Does an air purifier remove nicotine?

Answer: No, not all air purifiers can remove nicotine from the air. However, there are some which have a special filtration system for this purpose.

  1. Can you filter a vape?

Answer: There are some air purifiers that can filter the fumes from your vape. However, not all of them are able to filter out the nicotine, so be sure to check before you buy. If you’re looking for a filter specifically for your vape, then there are a few different types that you can choose from. activated carbon filters, ozone generators, and HEPA filters are all effective at filtering out the particles in vape smoke.



So, what is the best air purifier for vaping? We’ve looked at a few different models and found that the Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 is one of the top performers when it comes to removing particles from the air. It also has an automatic filter replacement indicator to let you know when it’s time to change out your filter, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting.

If you want a model that can handle both smoke and vapor, then we recommend checking out the Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Air Purifier.

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