Bissell Air320 Review: Is it perfect for your Home?

Are you looking for a modern and advanced air purifier? No worries, we will tell you about the best air purifier for your modern interior room. Have you heard the name of Bissell Air320? The Bissell Air320 comes with a unique and advanced look. Here is the best Bissell Air320 review for you.

It is more suitable for different sized rooms. This air purifier is very effective with high-grade filters. It has an auto mode that will remove odors and dust from your sweet home.

Let’s know about the special features, specs, pros, and cons of the amazing air purifier. Check Price

Bissell Air320 Specifications

Model 2768a
Manufacturer Bissell
Product Color Grey
Filter Type Pre-Filter, True HEPA, carbon filter
Filter Lifestyle 6 Months for both filter (HEPA and carbon)
Fan Speeds 5
Power Source Electronic
Dimensions 25″H x 14.5″W x 8.5″D
Weight 19.2 lbs
Automatic Mode Yes
Sensors PM 2.5
Warranty Five years
Power Cord Length 6′
Energy Consumption 0.97 Amps
Filtration 3 Stage
CADR Pollen 241
CADR Dust 206
CADR Smoke 198
Air Changes Per Hour 3 – (320 sq. ft. room); 1-(1000 sq. ft. room)
Air Inlet Front
Filter Replacement Indicator Yes
Air Outlet Top
Color White/Grey
Sound Level 37 – 60 dBa
Rated Power 116 Watt


Bissell Air320

In-depth Review of Bissell Air320

The Bissell Air320 is the most popular and top-rated branded air purifier. We are going to discuss the Bissell Air320 review

Stylish look

The design of this Bissell Air320 is sleek and modern, with elegant wood trim. It’s also very clean-looking, which makes it perfect for any room in your home! The discreet cord wrap on the back helps to keep cords organized without looking bad or messy; plus, you’ll be able to enjoy all sorts of cool features like easy access controls.

Room Size Coverage

You can use this device with some extra features. The Bissell Air320 air purifier 2768a will be perfect for different-sized rooms. The standard size of this device has a perfect figure.

This purifier has a unique air delivery design. You can use it on your wall for this front-to-top system. There are four faux legs of this purifier. These legs allow it to stand strongly on the ground floor. It’s better to consider the size of your room less than the actual value.

Air Filter Types-3-Stage Filtration

There are three-stage filtrations that are perfect for removing any kind of odors and smell in the room. There is a True HEPA filter, a separate fabric-based filter, and a honeycomb activated carbon filter. The Hepa filter is a high-efficiency filter. It can manage up to 99.7% of .3 microns particles that are floating in the air.

The pre-filter is essential to trap up all large objects. These objects can be cotton, fur, pet hair, etc. This filter is long-lasting and washable. The activated carbon filter captured different odor-causing gases and other organic components. The air purifier is 100% ozone-free with three types of cleaning systems. The Air320 purifier provides better performance than Air220.

This purifier fights against ferret odors and is available on Amazon at an affordable price. We also have a detailed article on the best air purifier for ferret odor, that you can check before buying an air purifier.  Just check that out and know the facts.

Bissell Air320

Fan speeds

The Bissell Air320 air purifier cannot do all types of quality sensors. The sensor system works effectively with the fan system. It can determine the speed level of the fan.

The sensor system also updates the suitable fan speed. Most of the time, the amazing purifier selects the high-speed fan mode to remove the dust. The purifier can update the fan speed based on the particular type of need. It will save energy and increase the filter longevity.

Warranty Information

The Bissell 2768 air320 air purifier comes with a five years warranty. It is a more attractive offer for customers. You can use this device hassle-free. You can call them to repair or replace any part of the purifier. Furthermore, You can call them for any kind of issue for the device purpose within five years.

Set-up process

The Bissell air320 has a time-setting system. It has LED indicators to warn when to replace the filter. You can handle the purifier and set it up easily. You have to press and twist the dial for multiple settings. There is only one single control dial with this purifier. For the filter replacement set, you have to hold the power button for three seconds.


The noise level of this purifier is much more acceptable. This purifier is popular for its low noise level. Sometimes, it will be complicated for you to listen to the sound of a fan running at high speed.

There are different fan speeds that are able to update the noise level. The sound level is 37 decibels for the lowest speed of the purifier. It is considered a silent device more than others. But, there is a high noise level of 60 decibels with the highest speed fan.  

Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is an important feature of any kind of air purifier. An air purifier is normally purchased for long time use. You have to pay 41 dollars for the use of eight hours per day. The Bissell purifier has a license under Energy Star. It runs with 116 watts of power consumption.

Auto Modes

The automatic sleep mode of the air320 purifiers is one of the most attractive features. The air 320 purifiers will go to the quiet mode with the sun. It helps to slow down noise production. The LED light shuts off with the sleeping mode of the purifier. The consumers will get a distraction-free air purifier.

Air Quality Sensor – Sensitivity Adjustment

The most important thing is that the air320 purifier does not have any timer function at all. The good news is that this purifier is organized with an updated indomitable timer.

The air quality sensor is an updated feature of the purifier. The air quality sensor monitors the air function and air density continuously. It automatically begins to blow air into the multiple harmful particles.

Competitive Price

The Bissell air320 is a classy big air purifier with different types of updated features. The Bissell purifier is a confident and supremely balanced device. It is a well-fitted device.

The price of the purifier is not high enough based on its lucrative features. You can buy this purifier for 329 dollars from the official website. But you can get it at a comparatively low price from other different websites. The price difference can be from 329 to 279 dollars.

Additional Features of Bissell Air320


The Bissell air320 max purifier has an intuitive single-dial knob. Everyone can operate this device easily. The knob is very effective and stable and helps you to turn on the purifier. It is much more portable than others. You will System. Just love this product for its automated fans. The beautiful purifier provides strong performance with Automated CirQulate

Automated CirQulate System

This Bissell air320 is perfect for someone who wants to live in clean, healthy environments. With its Automated CirQulate System and a smart sensor that can detect changes in the atmosphere with ease, this device will keep you safe from allergens while also ensuring your home smells great!

 PM 2.5 Sensor        

Your home is full of dirt and dust, but you don’t want to clean it. That’s where the Bissell Air320 comes in! This smart air purifier not only helps adjust its powerful fan speed based on requirements like size or material type; it also checks for PM2.5 pollution levels while displaying them so users can be aware easily without having any guesswork involved thanks to its beautiful dot matrix display with readings ranging from 0-999 count per inch (cpmi).

Energy Star Certification

The Air 320 air purifier is a great choice for homes with small living spaces. It consumes low levels of electricity and has been certified by the Energy Star program, so you can be sure it’ll work efficiently in any 250 square foot room or smaller!

Industrial Grade Large Fan

The high velocity, the five-speed fan is designed to pull fresh air through the three included filters. This will help capture allergens and odors while eliminating irritants!

Medical-Grade H13 HEPA Filter

HEPA filters are essential for protecting your home’s furnishings and irritants, like pollen. These powerful machines can capture 99% of 0.3-micron particles with ease on the lowest fan speed. That means they’ll get rid of even small dust or smoke before it has time to settle in!

The HEPA filter will keep you safe from all sorts of hazards, including pet dander (bye-bye allergies!), natural disasters such as wildfires & cooking fires, plus second-hand tobacco smoke too. Thanks to its ability to trap these microscopic particles down below where they belong.

Customer Report

The consumers have different positive Bissell air320 reviews. Consumers appreciate the device more. It is a high-quality purifier and is very smart for your home.

The Bissell air purifier is very audible and simple to use. You will only get the air sound. It is a very noticeable thing to control the speed of the fan peacefully.

This air purifier will notice any kind of smoke around your home. It takes only a few minutes to clean the air, smell, and the whole environment.

The purifier is quite effective for large rooms too. The filters of the device can keep the room clean if it is running on a continuous basis.

What Makes the Air Purifier Stand Out?

The Bissell air320 is a well-organized purifier with some advanced features and technologies. There are advanced features with the smart design of this purifier.

The three advanced filters have extra capacity to clean the room air. The extra room coverage capacity of the purifier makes it outstanding than others. Auto mode and sensors are the two advanced facilities of this purifier.


  • The Bissell purifier has 3 effective filters with multiple features.
  • It can clean your room air up to 99% of the 99.97 microparticles.
  • The sensor mode of the purifier can adjust the speed level of the suitable fan.
  • Bissell is organized with an intuitive control system.
  • You will get a suitable environment for a sound sleep with the amazing purifier.
  • There is a night mode with this air purifier.
  • One power button will work on all control panels.

Pros & Cons

  • No electronic filters are available
  • There are three stages of filters
  • The dot-matrix digital display is very beautiful
  • Auto-activated night mode is available
  • Hundred percent ozone-free purifier
  • It is CARB approved
  • Filters of the purifier will take only a few minutes to clean the room air
  • No timers and child lock is available
  • There is no remote or app control with this purifier

What Alternatives are there?

There are different similar devices like the Bissell air320 purifiers in the market. But to find an alternate product is a hard task.

The Blueair Blue pure 311 Auto can be similar to the air320. It can reduce the smoke level up to 99.9% within thirty minutes at a high level. The auto function of this device can monitor the room air quality effectively.

Bissell Air320

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning your Bissell Air320 may be a challenge, but it won’t take much effort to keep the unit running smoothly. Just dust off any exterior parts and clean out your pre-filter to maintain flawless air intake into this unit!

It’s also important not only for performance but safety reasons. Make sure you check filters every month or so if they haven’t been changed yet and replace these periodically depending on how often you use them.

The manual for this air purifier says that you should change the pre-filter every six months and replace it with a new one after three or four weeks of use. The manufacturer also recommends changing the carbon filter after thirty days if it seems like your machine is not picking up as much dust anymore.

Lastly, they suggest replacing HEPA filters every two months because these types tend to trap more allergens than other parts inside their design while providing better protection against smaller particles such as pollen and mold spores which could cause serious health problems in some cases!

Bissell Air320 vs Bissell Air400

Model air320 air400
Recommended Room Size Up to 1000 sq. ft. Up to 1200 sq. ft.
Mode Auto/Sleep Auto/Sleep
Fan Speed Options 5 5
Timer No 1/4/8 Hrs.
Sensor PM 2.5 PM 2.5
Indoor Air Quality Feedback
Dimensions 14.5 x 8.5 x 25 6 x 10 x 24
Ozone Free
Room Coverage 300 sq ft 5 times per hour (Smoke CADR: 199 cfm) 420 sq ft 5 times per hour (Smoke CADR: 279 cfm)
Air Quality Sensor YES YES
Customer Ratings
Recommended Room Coverage 320 Square Feet 450 Square Feet
Noise Level 37 – 60 dB 30 – 65 dB
Price Check Price Check Price



1. How often should you change your Bissell filter?

Answer: The Bissell website says that these filters should be replaced every six months. However, if you notice your air quality deteriorating or it seems like they are not doing the job as well for some reason then replace them sooner rather than later!

 2. Does Bissell air purifier produce ozone?

Answer: No, it does not. The Bissell Air320 is a 100% ozone-free air purifier that doesn’t have electronic filters; instead, they use separate HEPA and carbon activated ones for better results in removing odors with no fussing needed on your part!.

3. Are the filters for air320 Air Purifier washable?

Answer: No, The filters are not washable but you can vacuum them. The front panel of the machine has a fabric cover so be sure to remove it before cleaning or vacuuming

4. What is the cost of the air320 filter?

Answer: To fully capture the smell from your home, you need a good filter. If it isn’t working and getting clogged with dust bunnies or pet hair, that can really add up in costs over time.

There are 2 different types of filters out there: an inner charcoal-based one for odor containment; followed by a HEPA layer on top which catches microscopic particles before they get into space where humans breathe them in Costing about $20-$22 each at Amazon without sales tax applied per year (6 months worth).

This equals just under 85 bucks when replacing both every six months – not too bad, right?

 5. What do the numbers mean on Bissell air purifier

Answer: The numbers on this device indicate the air quality of your room. “002” with blue light means good, while 009 will give off yellow/green to let you know that there’s some moderate issue going on.

When it gets really bad or if nothing else helps around these parts then red lights start turning up which could mean asthma symptoms–not sure what those other colors represent exactly but overall they’re just signals telling us when things start getting too unhealthy for comfort!”

6. How do you clean a Bissell air320?

 Answer: The best way to clean an air machine like the Air 320 is to follow the Manufacturer’s instructions. You’ll find these in the user manual; they often tell you what kind of cleaning solution to use and when and how you can do this properly. If your machine needs parts like brushes or bearings cleaned outside the vacuum, for example, make sure it’s lubricated before putting them back in place.

If you don’t want disposable filters for your machine, or just need specific ones that are not readily available in stores near you there may be another website that sells low cost but high-quality filters if something becomes dirty beyond use/service life due to prolonged use with no replacement service time window or parts availability.

Finally, to get the best performance out of your Air Cleaner, you should change your disposable filters at least once every three months as suggested by the Manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

The Bissell air320 is an ideal and updated purifier. It requires high-end components with a dual-speed air quality monitor.

The Bissell air320 is the most attractive and decorative purifier also. We have tried to provide the best Bissell air320 review.

It has a more effective filtration system. This purifier will be perfect for all living rooms of your home. It will clean your home air within a few minutes. Just pick up the best one and enjoy a cool environment.

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