LEVOIT LV-H133 Review

Certainly, the LEVOIT LV-H133 review can enlighten our though highly. Above all, people may gain information on air purification. Firstly, we do not doubt that the market is full. Likewise, a certain amount of air purifiers is available.

But, the question lies in the workability. In addition, some are keen to know the exact facility. Therefore, the best air purifiers for hair and nail salons can be handy. After that, we can assure the productive service as well. So, acquiring data is really exigent.

Moreover, we can rely on frequent reviews of the device. Above all, it has come to make us gleeful. Here, the service is very familiar and handy for the users. That is why; most of the users have pointed good facts on this air cleaner. Just Air Purifier

LEVOIT LV-H133 Specifications:

Model : LEVOIT LV-H133, B07CNQQM9N
Manufacturer : LEVOIT
Product Color : Glazing White
Filter Type : Primary Filter, Active HEPA Real Filter, Odor Removing Carbon Filter
Filter Life Cycle : 12 Months
Fan Modes : Three Ultra-Quick Settings Including Low, Middle Point, High
Power Source : AC Electric
Dimension : 12 x 12.4 x 28 inches
Weight : 20.4 Pounds
CADR : 218 Cubic Feet In Per Minute
Room Coverage Capacity : 1076 Square Feet
Noise Level : 52.4 to 56.2 dB
Mode : Touch Control and Auto Mode
Power Consumption Rate : 40 W
Sensors : No Sensor Included
ECO Mode : Yes
Country of Origin : China
Warranty : 1 Year Official Warranty
Air Quality Indicator : Dust Amount Indicator
Timer : Yes


In-depth Review of LEVOIT LV-H133

Well, we can welcome the LEVOIT LV-H133 review. Firstly, you will grab the detailed data on this tool. Besides, our aim will follow to guide accurately. Above all, the users will have a clear view and picture of this fact.

For this reason, we are designing our phases clearly. Certainly, the things are really exigent. After that, a person can decide on their buying focus. Consequently, the best product can arrive at its purification mode. So, let’s begin the tour on it.

Performance Matrices

Most importantly, we can show the matrices to elaborate the LEVOIT 133 review. Meanwhile, you can take the health issue as the prime count. You know what; we are aiming to grab an air cleaner. Firstly, the purifier will accurately deliver fresh air.

After that, an apt device will come to eliminate dirt. Besides, allergens and viruses will have any places. That is why; an air purifier can be really handy. Firstly, this device is an accurate one to do that thing. Therefore, the performance is really high.

In other words, LEVOIT 133, including efficacy and features, is a performer. Above all, the users can entirely expect the right outcome. In addition, every aspect points to the utilization. Likewise, all other activities can bring healthy air.

Thus, a system of work can enlighten the home with purity. Above all, the material mode can erase the dirt effectively. So, some works should follow the module clearly. After that, this device becomes an apt model by performing highly.

Room Size Coverage 

Now, we must measure the capacity of this device. For this reason, we can exactly set the facts. Consequently, a model will deliver the fantastic mode. Likewise, every module of this device is handy. It is because; the covering range is really vast.

You know what; this device can rinse the air up to 1076 square feet. Firstly, it means a high efficacy. Above all, this model can be the right tool for a large home. Besides, the delivery capacity justifies the room area. So, it can deliver amazing air.

On the other hand, a device should reach any corner. Here, this model is apt in this sense. For instance, a large room or area can be full of pure air. Certainly, this thing only happens because of its module. Thus, satisfactory coverage comes for the users.

Finally, we can point to the air purifying rate as well. Meanwhile, the research proves its efficacy. Most importantly, it can purify vast air within an hour. Certainly, the fact is really amusing for the people. Therefore, a device like it should be in your hand.

Operating Cost

Certainly, the cost in any aspect can be a vital fact. In addition, we must consider it accurately. Otherwise, people may not amass the apt outcome. Above all, certain facts will come to an end to deliver. Likewise, we must put a note of its cost.

In other words, this device is frequent to move the quality service. Thus, a measurable fact can take place. Here, the manufacturer has designed this model to be efficient. Besides, the workable base is highly accurate. After that, it can serve better.

Most importantly, you can see this device as having a low maintenance cost. Therefore, it can serve your value and serve more benefits. In this way, an expected quality can arrive at your door. Consequently, we can grab higher values.

Thus, a fantastic device always comes to work. After that, the manufacturer of this model is efficient. Firstly, they are ready to make a quick assessment. Above all, the build-up quality is amazing. So, we can rely on it on the upper side.


Air Filter Types

In every manner, this device can store the perfect strainer. So, people should consider the LEVOIT H133 filter. Likewise, its tremendous efficacy can serve you highly. You know what; LEVOIT is great in strainer mode.

Therefore, the entire facility has a place here. Likewise, we can meet with the primary filter. Truly, it grabs the dirt accurately. After that, all other molds cannot enter the room. So, a handy device like this can be at your home.

On the other hand, you must set a good score for this tool. Firstly, the real HEPA strainer is highly efficient. It is because; this device is an apt model to catch allergens. Similarly, it is handy to eradicate bacteria and mold.

Finally, we amass the carbon filter. Here, this device has a smart module for the strainer. Above all, the service remains great for the users. Besides, the praiseworthy capacity can grab good marks. After that, your house can contain a good smell as well.


Design and Size

Well, this LEVOIT LV-H133 review will show the actual facts. In this continuation, we must elaborate on the design and size issue. First, this model is really great. It is because; the size is compact and the design is eye-catching. Therefore, it can be really handy for people.

After that, the manufacturer set it to be 12 x 12.4 x 28 inches in size. Therefore, it can be perfect for a large room. Likewise, it will cope with the covering area. Most importantly, a design is really exigent to be an apt tool.

However, the compact mood of this device should contain quality. In this regard, this model is highly capable. Firstly, the manufacturer has designed it to grab the entire germs. Besides, the workability of this air cleaner is really great.

In other words, a model with the apt size and design is workable. So, we can set it in your choice list. Above all, the accurate tool is a real advantage. Meanwhile, this model can work for you in a better way. So, you may grab its design and size accurately.


Now, we are up to elaborate on the sound mode. Here, the manufacturer has made it work silently. Therefore, you can remain free from hazards. Above all, other things will work to make you glad. In every way, a device like this model is great.

In addition, this device is frequent to set the LEVOIT h133 review. Therefore, the sound range of this device is 52.4 to 56.2 dB exactly. After that, you can clearly assume the silence level. So, this model has the facility to work better.

Meanwhile, we can compare the ultra-quiet module with other tools. Most importantly, we cannot amass any device like this model. Therefore, a device like this can be real cleaner. Likewise, people will have full support at home from it.

Finally, we can grab this model for the silent module. After that, it can be effective to connect with the working model. Firstly, the ruinous noise will not hamper your house’s environment. Above all, its efficacy is really high.


Additional Features

Well, we must start a new phase to elaborate on the LEVOIT LVH133. You know what; this device contains some other features as well. Firstly, these things are highly accurate for workability. After that, you can grab the enhanced facilities.

In the following lines, we will make the appearance of those features. Here, the perfect range of features will make the mind gleeful. So, let’s have a look at the lines.

Touch Enabled Module:

Firstly, this device comes with a touch option. Above all, it is a premium feature for the air cleaner. Besides, quality service and easiness can appear for the users. After that, you can operate it accurately and highly.

Display ON and OFF Facility:

Most importantly, this device contains an ON and OFF facility. Therefore, people can use these features for better performance. Besides, this fact is really handy for the home environment as well.

Warranty Feature:

Now, we must present this vital feature to the users. Above all, the manufacturer provides assurance for one year. So, you can place any claim within this time period. After that, the real service will be at your home.

Air Quality Indicator:

Finally, we can add this feature to our discussion list. Above all, this device will continually present the air quality. Therefore, you may learn about the fact of the room’s air. Consequently, it can ease your work as well.

Customer Report

In this regard, we must open the LEVOIT LV-H133 review. Most importantly, this device can contain several possessions to knock back the mind with elation. Likewise, the working module has grabbed immense praise from the users.

After that, we studied the user’s mindset. It is because; only they can decide the best. Therefore, the findings are really pretty. You know what; they have set good marks for this device. Here, the size and the room covering capacity are the most unique facts for them.

Moreover, they have suggested enabling it with the smart module. Above all, this device can be apt to run through phones. Consequently, it can be really efficient and amazing. After that, we can take the facility to improve the air quality.

LEVOIT black

What Makes the Air Purifier Stand Out?

Well, we can present LEVOIT LV-H133 to you. Here, some exigent facts have played accurately. After that, we grabbed an amazing air cleaner. For this reason, this device is in high demand. Therefore, the users are keen to acquire this tool.

However, the manufacturer has added the most exigent features to this model. Above all, the warranty claim is real and quick. So, people usually amass fast responses from the support team. Actually, this fact works greatly in acquiring user demand.

Finally, we can mark it with a great score. It is because; it can rinse the air with higher efficacy. Meanwhile, a device with pure functionality is the core aim of the users. After that, the efficiency and features have been set as the compact module.

Pros & Cons:

In every device, we may grab several features. Here, some features are workable. But, something cannot be that much useful. In this regard, we must justify the pros and cons of a device. After that, we can grab the LEVOIT H133 review.

In the following lines, LVH133 has stored several facts for the users. So, let’s make a fast look at the lines to learn accurately.

  • You can set this air cleaner as the professional module to serve smartly and highly.
  • The manufacturer has built this amazing air purifier to be an ideal tool in cleaning allergens.
  • The delivered service of this device accurately justifies its price.
  • It is one of those air cleaners which can cover a long area to flow pure and healthy air.
  • This device has grabbed huge certifications from ETL, AHAM, and FCC.
  • You can operate this air rinsing module easily because of its touch-enabled switches.
  • This air cleaning tool contains indicators for checking and showing the air quality of the house.
  • It can enter into the air purifying job by promising to serve a long time.
  • The weight of this air purifier has made it a little hard to be portable for users.
  • You will not grab any safety for the children because of having no child lock in this model.

What Alternatives Are There?

However, you will easily grab several options from the market. In this regard, we can name the LEVOIT 400S as an alternative air cleaner. Firstly, it is a vast fact to consider the alternative. Consequently, the users may avail of certain services.

However, the crucial fact is that it can serve. Above all, the LEVOIT LV H 133 must contain perfect workability. Therefore, we can name this device the right one. Here, this device is more compact. After that, a fantastic facility will come.

On the other hand, the manufacturer is a famous brand for making an efficient air cleaner. Therefore, you can grab any model of this brand. But, the price of this certain air purifier is a little higher. Most importantly, we must consider this fact as well.


1. Where are levoit air purifiers made?

The Levoit air purifier is manufactured in Changzhou, China. The company was established in 2005 and has vastly improved over the past ten years to help bring better air quality to its customers.

2. Is Levoit H133 ozone-free?

Levoit H133, which is ozone-free! The air purifier that you are looking at on this page features ozone-free technology. This means the device will not release harmful substances into your home’s atmosphere. You can be assured of total safety without health risks or dangers posed by ozone pollution.

3. How to Change Filters on Levoit LV-H133?

You can change the filters on the Levoit LV-H133 by following these steps.

Place your hand on top of your air purifier, and press down hard to make sure it’s not elevated. Then slide the old filter off and replace it with a new one in its proper direction for maximum airflow. After replacing the filter, make sure to clean any dust particles from the outside edge of the front grill that covers infrared or other sensors. Press the power button to restart your device.

4. Is the Levoit LV-H133 Good for Larger Rooms?

Yes, it’s capable of filling larger rooms with warm, clean air.

The Levoit LV Line has eight models to choose from to cater to all needs. One of the most popular models is the Levoit LV-H133 which features a 10-hour timer with 2 speeds and 3 fan levels for personal comfort needs. The HEPA filter helps prevents dust and allergens from circulating throughout your house as you sleep or relax during the day, giving it an even stronger selling point as a make-home lists terror solution among those who suffer from allergies or sinus issues.


In addition, an elaborate has ended the LEVOIT LV-133 review as a compact source. Therefore, you can grab sourcing information regarding this model. Above all, we can assure the users of high service. Consequently, a model like this must be at anyone’s house.

Moreover, LEVOIT air purifier H133 is an amazing tool to grab pure air. After that, a complete package will follow this model. Meanwhile, you will have a device to breathe healthily. So, this device should grab a place to rinse the air. Above all, quality work is the core module of this air cleaner.

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