LEVOIT Vital 100 Review

Nowadays, a word regarding the LEVOIT vital 100 review is gulling in the portico. But, the inquiry is how we can be indisputable about this handy brand. Firstly, we have a way to do it accurately. As well, our review will make the users certain of it.


In addition, LEVOIT vital 100 replacement filter comes with boosted power. Besides, it will relieve you from unwanted noise. That is why; marketers are really attaining this machine. Secondly, you can name it professional care. After that, it keeps the balance of oxygen level.

However, it delivers limitless purified air. Above all, LEVOIT is a modish air purifier. Likewise, it comes with a neat design. After that, you can assume and grab the quality air in your living. Therefore, we are initiating this review to elaborate on the topic accurately.

LEVOIT Vital 100 Specifications:

Model : LEVOIT Vista 100, B07X25BNBR
Manufacturer : LEVOIT
Product Color : Lively White
Filter Type : Washable Pre-Filter, Premium Real HEPA Strainer, Greatly Tuned Carbon Filter
Filter Life Cycle :  8 Months
Fan Modes : Ultra-Fast and Automatically Scheduled Fan Speed
Power Source : Alternating Current Power
Dimension : 6.2 x 12.4 x 16 inches
Weight : 8.2 Pounds
CADR : 102 Cubic Feet In Per Minute
Room Coverage Capacity : 500 Square Feet
Noise Level : 20 to 52 dB
Mode : Adjustable and AutoRun Mood
Power Consumption Rate : 24 W
Sensors : No Sensor was Added To this Machine
ECO Mode : Yes
Country of Origin : China
Warranty : 1 Year Official Warranty and Additional 1 Year Support
Air Quality Indicator : Yes
Timer : Yes

In-depth LEVOIT vital 100 Review


The uttermost time has come. But, we should be real and factual in this stage. Above all, LEVOIT is a popular brand in the purifier arena. Therefore, the LEVOIT vital 100 amazons accurately can be exigent. In this way, a user can enthral the right machine for cleaning the air.

Furthermore, we will focus on the essential aspects of this machine. After that, you will have the apt detail regarding this air cleaner. Likewise, the money will attain the exigent facilities for the users. In addition, let’s have a deep and apt glimpse into the next lines.

Crushing Performance

Well, the creator has tried huge in promoting the recital of the vital 100 air purifier. Above all, they have added a retro color display. Likewise, it also stores a touch panel to drive the tool. After that, the dust will go away. Meanwhile, it can fight highly against smell and disturbing smoke.

In addition, we observe an increase in allergies. Besides, the environment has an issue with oxygen levels. It is because; several facts assist a rise in pollution. Besides, it is decisive to obligate a boundless air purifier. After that, it enriches and ensures an apt solution for pollution.

Meanwhile, you can remain healthy by killing germs and viruses. Above all, this machine is a real fighter for odors as well. Consequently, its key performance can crush the air with purity. In addition, the users will grab the pleasing and usable air at their homes.

Sensitivity Modification

In this phase, the LEVOIT vital 100 reviews will start the modification tool. Firstly, you must have a concern regarding the issue. Above all, certain things are essential for home dwellers. You know what; every aspect comes with great initiative.

Here, the pet can be an exigent fact.  But, nurturing those pets will require pollution-free mode. After that, you can grab and declare a better environment. Consequently, an air purifier will do better for the homemaker.

After considering those issues, you should amplify the facts of sensitivity. Likewise, it offers better and exigent value for the user. After that, the home remains free from germs and allergens. That is why; we can entirely grab those facilities for an air purifying machine.

Finally, the words count on a large scale. Therefore, sensitivity is a vital fact for dwelling in perfect weather. That is why; the users are keen to grab the air purifier for home. Likewise, you must check and balance the air purifier with a sensible working mode.


Air Freshening Strainers

Firstly, every air purifier should hold LEVOIT vital 100 filter replacement. In this way, we can have better and healthy air in our rooms. Likewise, the tool must rinse the dust accurately. For this reason, you have to justify and test the filtration mode of an air purifier.

Moreover, this model has three stages of air-cleaning strainers. Firstly, the tool comes with a washable pre-filter. After that, it means the easy cleaning of filters. Meanwhile, the facility will come to wash the strainers. Above all, it enriches the power of the removal process.

For having a carbon strainer, we can utilize the LEVOIT vital 100 filters. But, the workability of it is really exigent. It happens because of the correct working mode. After that, you can claim an odor-free room environment. Meanwhile, activated carbon is really high in smell eradication.

In other words, a device like LEVOIT air purifier should be efficient. Otherwise, the thing will not fill your desire and want. After that, a device should go for accurate settings. Consequently, we grab HEPA filters for allergens and mold.

Smart and Workable Design

Meanwhile, LEVOIT air purifier vital 100 is popular for robust cleaning. Above all, its entire product line is efficient and amazing. Consequently, this machine is one of the fiercest tools on the market today. After that, we may observe and grab a sleek and area-saving purifier.

However, it bids many structures that really enrich your life. Above all, it converts air into health-friendly. Here, the design has come from a US-based brand. That is why; you will observe it as the best tool for air cleaning.

Moreover, this machine is compact, apt, and functional. In addition, you can point to this tool as a practical tool.  Likewise, an amazing purifier can easily integrate with home decoration. It happens because of the elegant look of this model. Besides, it will perfectly match with furniture.

Finally, you will explore it as a well-made and pretty machine. Above all, it is a quantum dive into the realm of air-dusting technology. Likewise, the manufacturer promises to condense more bits into minor sizes. After that, it also confiscates the delicate dust from the air.

Rinse Covering Range


In addition, the users must have a view of the cover range. It is because; the range points to the efficacy. Likewise, the manufacturer can provide sturdy materials. Above all, LEVOIT vital 100 air purifier can handle hard and stubborn particles.

In this case, this model can rinse the air up to 502 square feet. Therefore, certainty is the obvious fact. After that, you can grab pure and healthy breathing air. Likewise, the tool will grab the mold and dirt accurately. In addition, it is really compact for users at home.

However, can we initiate LEVOIT vital 100 CADR for the professional area? Yes, of course, we can do it accurately. You know what; this machine contains several features to be apt for a large area. Likewise, the tremendous facility will make you glad and satisfied.

Meanwhile, we can drag and grab the whole house in an effective manner. You know what; a cleaning tool should come with additional features. Consequently, we can have expected features from the famous brand. Here, the technology is highly amazing and efficient.

Affordable Price

Most importantly, you can edify with the LEVOIT vital 100 reviews. This is because; this review will explore every aspect of the LEVOIT brand. Firstly, the look and features will come accurately. Above all, you can spend money on this unique model.

In other words, a device like LEVOIT vital 100 is highly rich. Likewise, you must praise the value. Meanwhile, it can take and lead the users to the uttermost satisfaction. After that, the decorative mode can impact home air purification.

Furthermore, the manufacturer asks for and sends this device at a low price. Above all, you may compare the service with the price. In this way, a great machine for air cleaning will be at your home. Meanwhile, you can entirely initiate the price for this machine.

Consequently, the price of this LEVOIT vital 100 is within reach of the users. In this way, the features become accurate and apt for the home. Likewise, you can set this machine for a large area as well. After that, the remaining cost will come from coping with your user mode.

Additional Features

Now, a phase has reached to ornate the LEVOIT vital 100 true HEPA air purifier. Firstly, you can grab this machine as an apt cleaner. After that, the manufacturer will add some other amazing features to it. Thus, you can grab the air with fascinating and quality mode.

For this reason, we will show the value and features accurately. But, your view of yours is the prime aspect of your buying decisions. Above all, you are the man to decide the choice list. Therefore, let’s have a profound glimpse into the additional features.


Most importantly, we must detour the journey with efficacy. Firstly, the manufacturer has added a timer to this machine. Therefore, you can set and point out the required service accurately.

Installing Guideline and Process:

Secondly, the consideration goes for the installation process. Above all, you can grab and use the manual for this phase. Likewise, the tool is enough and easy to set up at home accurately. So, the guideline is the key in this stage.

Energy Consumption:

Certainly, the device should consume reasonable energy. But, you must count the cost of function and power. After that, the machine will appear as an affordable model. Likewise, it only consumes 24 W for running.

Manufacturer’s Backing:

Here, the module stores relevant support from the manufacturers. But, you must have justification and concern regarding the warranty time.  Above all, only this aspect can assist in claiming support from the manufacturer.

Customer Report


In this stage, we will write up the comparison. But, our prime aspect will go for the LEVOIT true HEPA air purifier vital 100. In this sense, the exploration points to a better response from the user. Firstly, some user has raised a question about the strainer’s facility.

Likewise, this tool is really handy and effective. Above all, the users can point to the report exactly. Therefore, we observe the response of the user. That is why; the tools contain perfect air for breathing. Likewise, most of the users have grabbed amazing service.

For this reason, the manufacturer is delivering this device highly. Likewise, you must contain the apt service from the machine. After that, this tool will become sturdy and accurate. Consequently, a high airflow rate will make the room’s condition better.

What Makes The Air Purifier Stand Out?

In addition, this machine stores workable features to be an apt tool. Here, the manufacturer has added amazing service for the user. After that, this tool can be the right one for the LEVOIT vital 100 reviews. Therefore, we will explore and grab the entire facts accurately.

Furthermore, you must justify and grab the exact info of this model. Above all, the utility is the key decider for air purifiers. Consequently, the users must contain ensured performance. In addition, the tool can rinse the air within a short time.

In other words, you must observe and grab the fan speeds of this model. But, other features are highly apt and exigent. After that, this tool will rinse the dirt and microns. Consequently, this machine will store a washable pre-filter as well.

Pros & Cons

Are you keen to dig the soil more? But, we can guide you to every aspect of this model. Above all, you can decide on the right one for your home. Consequently, we must show the pros along with the cons. In addition, this phase has appeared to do it accurately.

So, the users must move their eyes towards the next lines. After that, you can justify and grab the air purifier highly. Meanwhile, let’s explore the sides of this air-cleaning machine.

  • The manufacturer has added a washable pre-filter to this air cleaning machine.
  • You will remain calm and glad because of the low cost of power consumption.
  • The machine stores apt features to rinse the air accurately at your home.
  • It will not emit any ozone, which is ruinous for the environment of the area.
  • The manufacturer initiates the touch control panel for the users to have easy operation.
  • You can grab and enjoy a comfortable sleep at night because of its apt workability.
  • The CARB has certified it as a portable, robust, and germ killer among other air cleaners.
  • The users will observe and enjoy the compact and moderate design of this air cleaner.
  • This machine usually does not contain any virtual features like modern devices.
  • You will have a hurdle to grab the additional filters from the air purifier market.

What Alternatives Are There?

Yes, the journey can lead you toward the LEVOIT air purifier vital 100 review. Firstly, the machine should be here for better understanding. Above all, it will assist you in comparing the available tools. So, it can grab the right one for your home.

In other words, the tool should replace the route accurately. Meanwhile, we can name LEVOIT core 400 as the competitive option. After that, the decision will follow your thought process. Truly, this model is really an apt air-cleaning engine.

For this reason, users are grabbing this model from the arcade. Likewise, you can store other facilities for pure and healthier air. After that, this tool will flow the air in a balanced mode. So, the choice will come from your concern.

Who is the Levoit Vital 100 Air Purifier for?


The Levoit Vital 100 is a great choice for anyone who wants clean air. It can be used in your home, office, or apartment and does not produce any noise! This means that it’s perfect if you suffer from allergies and asthma as well but what about those who don’t have these conditions?

The Levoit Vital100 will help them breathe easier by removing harmful pollutants like dust mites, leading to causes of respiratory problems such as allergy attacks.

To see if this is something you need? Take some time today with these factors below:

  1. Those looking for an affordable air purifier can use it in their small to medium rooms who suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems.
  2. People who are affected by smoke smells, and other pollutants.
  3. Every person would like to avoid contact with the smell of smoke and other smell.
  4. People who have cats, dogs, or other types of pets need to get rid of pet dander and hair.
  5. For those who are looking for a general air purifier that can be used in rooms of all sizes, consider this model.
  6. People are tired of having to clean up all the dust that gets into their homes.

Is the Levoit Vital 100 a good value?

The Levoit Vital 100 is a great air purifier that does not cost an arm and leg. It has excellent coverage for the size, with its large panels providing good filtration ability in more rooms of your house than you would expect from similar products on this list! You also get all those added features like real-time monitoring of quality levels as well as sleep mode functionality without having to pay extra charges. These things make me happy because they give people who want them another option when it comes down to the price vs. performance ratio (which I believe can sometimes be skewed too far). So overall? Good value indeed!).

Levoit Vital 100 vs Core 300

The Levoit Core 300 has a circular design that makes it stand out from other units. One of the biggest differences is how you can position this air purifier; if the centre placement isn’t an issue for your room, we recommend going with one of these instead! The filtration level difference between both models might as well be immeasurable. So don’t worry too much about those minor details – get yourself some fresh breathes today

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are levoit air purifiers any good?

Answer: Yes, levoit air purifiers are very good. They have a lot of similar features to other brands, but they’re priced lower overall.

I’m sure their products would be just as effective, even if you pay less for them. They use HEPA filters, which are the gold standard in terms of effectiveness nowadays, and because these are priced so much lower than other higher-end brands, you have more money left over for upkeep costs to keep your machine running well!

 2. How long does Levoit filter last?

Answer: The filter typically lasts for about six months. However, the lifespan can vary based on the strength of the user’s nose and how dirty/congested their home is. It’s recommended you replace your filters at least once a year to avoid health risks from dirt and mold that thrive inside humidifiers without good circulation of air.

The Levoit Air Purifier will let you know when it needs a new filter through an LED light indicator on the front panel. If your unit starts making a “beeping” sound, this means it’s time to change out your filters. Be sure to keep an extra around, so you don’t run out unexpectedly!

 3. Where is levoit made?

Levoit is made in China, but all levoit products are designed and developed in the US. However, Levoit is an American company headquartered in the beautiful state of California.     

4. When do I need to change the filters?

The three filters come in a set that can be used for up to 8 months, and they work best when you have the purifier running on moderate usage. They have an indicator that tells you when it’s time for replacement, so follow these instructions carefully!

5. How often do the filters need to be changed?

The frequency of filter changes for air purifiers depends on various factors such as the type of filter, the air quality in the room, the usage of the air purifier, and the manufacturer’s instructions. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Pre-filters: These are typically washable and reusable, and should be cleaned every 1-2 weeks or as needed.
  • HEPA filters: These should be replaced every 6-12 months depending on the air quality in the room and usage of the air purifier. Some HEPA filters come with a filter replacement indicator which helps to determine when it needs to be changed.
  • Carbon filters: These should be replaced every 3-6 months, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions and air quality in the room.

It’s important to note that some air purifiers have multiple filters, each with its own replacement schedule. It’s best to check the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific air purifier model for guidance on filter replacement.

6. Can the Vital 100 filter be cleaned or washed?

The pre-filter is a conveniently washable and reusable filter that can be cleaned every 2-4 weeks to preserve its efficiency. Vacuum both sides of it thoroughly before reusing while getting rid of smaller pieces by giving them a thorough rinse in plain water!

 7. Does the Levoit Vital 100 have an Ionizer?

Levoit is committed to ensuring that the air you breathe, even if it’s a small room or office space. They don’t use ionizing filters in their cleaners. Hence, as not be unsafe for people who have epilepsy and other sensitive respiratory conditions like asthma – which means no risk of recurrence!

 8. Is the Vital 100 a good air purifier for cigarette smoke?

Yes, the activated carbon filter is a great way to reduce the smell of smoke in your home. However, as Levoit explains; smoking can cause this filtration system to become dirtier faster requiring more frequent replacement of its components such as pads or filters – which add up over time!

 9. What is the warranty on the Vital 100?

There is a one-year warranty on this product, but Levoit offers the option to extend your purchase for an extra year. This essentially means that this product has two different warranties: 1) The standard 12 months from the date of purchase and 2) An additional 12 months on top as long as you register before it expires! This means that the device has two years’ worth of coverage!

 10. Is the Levoit Vital 100 good for cigarette smoke?

The Vital 100 is a decent solution for removing smoke. It’s not the best and does take time to work well when used directly on exposure, but it gets the job done if you have some patience! 


In this LEVOIT vital 100 review, we have analyzed the purification accurately. But, the fact should follow the real need of the user. Above all, we have vexed to cover all pieces of this machine. Meanwhile, this machine can be an apt module for your home.

That is why; we are keen to show you the options to you. Likewise, a tool like this model is the best air purifier for kitchen smells. After that, it will point you to be better by erasing germs. Certainly, every other feature will follow the real mode.

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