LEVOIT vista 200 review

In addition, the potential users must go through the LEVOIT Vista 200 review. Firstly, it will assist them to grab the accurate one. Above all, the renowned service is a desire. So, a device like an air cleaning module should be handy. After that, it serves well accurately.

Therefore, most cases come to meet the LEVOIT Vista 200 filter. Likewise, a handy tool can bring an apt outcome. After that, we can make a positive mode in our room. That is why; the manufacturers are trying to avail quality modules.

However, an air-cleaning device should store workable features. Most importantly, people may acquire breathable air from them. Meanwhile, we can grab the benefits of spending money. Likewise, the proper value should be in hand for the air purifier.

LEVOIT Vista 200 review Specifications:

Model : LEVOIT Vista 200, B07Q1S7GGJ
Manufacturer : LEVOIT
Product Color : Lightning White
Filter Type : Pre-Filter Module, H13 Real HEPA Filter, Handy Started Carbon Filter
Filter Life Cycle : 10 Months
Fan Modes : Three Fan Running Mode, Low, Mid-Level, High
Power Source : Line Electric
Dimension : 7.8 x 8 x 22 inches
Weight : 3.4 Pounds
CADR : 110 Cubic Feet In Per Minute
Room Coverage Capacity : 164 Square Feet
Noise Level : 20 to 52 dB
Mode : Night Ultra-Quite Sound Mode
Power Consumption Rate : 15 W
Sensors : No Sensor Included
ECO Mode : No
Country of Origin : China
Warranty : 2 Years Official Warranty
Air Quality Indicator : No
Timer : Yes

LEVOIT vista 200

In-depth Review of LEVOIT vista 200 review

Meanwhile, the stage has come to clarify the view. In addition, we grab the LEVOIT Vista 200 true HEPA air purifier. Firstly, the users should have an apt concept. In this line, they can achieve the handiest tool. Therefore, we are up to delivering a quick view of this device.

In other words, a device should contain several features. Likewise, these things will ensure the service to please. Above all, we will show those things in the coming lines. Consequently, the users will have good-quality pictures on it.

Power Consumption

As a result, we are starting the tour with the power mode. Firstly, this is really exigent. It is because; the power decides the peak cost. So, we must have a clear thought on this fact. You know what; this device can run with low electricity.

However, the consumption rate of this tool is really handy. Here, the manufacturer has aimed for this model to work highly. Besides, the coolness of its features comes with power. Above all, this device only consumes 15 watts while running.

In other words, an air cleaner like this module is really fantastic. Therefore, we can set the LEVOIT Vista 200 replacement filter. In addition, it will not cost them much for running. Likewise, you can entirely grab pure and pleasing air at your home.

In conclusion, a module should be like it.  Meanwhile, some other devices can follow the route. After that, a likeable device will be in our hands.  So, we can set this device at our home. That is why; people are happy with its workability.

Outer Layout and Design

Now, a most exigent fact is to come. It is because; the outer layout enriches the home’s beauty. Firstly, this matter should have a vital place on our note. It is because; the manufacturer has added it with a sleek layout. Therefore, you can avail it highly.

Moreover, we must praise its body weight. In fact, we are describing it here because of balance. You know what; it contained only 3.3 pounds. So, it becomes highly portable or easy to move the users. In addition, it looks great while working.

For this reason, a proper balance comes with adventure. Besides, the road of beauty catches the eyes of the users. In this matter, we can highly rely on the device for more beautification. Consequently, its color matches with the home outlook.

Thereby, every section of its body structure is amazing. Above all, the condition takes much attention. It is because; the manufacturer is aware of the workability and beauty. Therefore, they have initiated every possible feature in this tool.

LEVOIT vista 200

Area Covering Capacity

During the discussion, we must grab its capacity. Firstly, this tool is a module to serve a small area. It is because; the manufacturers have aimed to serve highly. Therefore, we can see the coverage area is up to 164 square feet.

After that, we can set up this air cleaner for shops. It is because; the shops often contain such an area. Here, it does not mean that it can be for home. Above all, you can install it for your home as well. As a result, purified air will flow into your room.

However, the room may ask for several features. But, everything will be at a manageable level. It is because; this device is vastly efficient. Likewise, you can set it for delivering purified air. After that, a complete and apt solution will come.

Secondly, we can run on the room size accurately. Above all, the room covering area can be satisfactory as well. So, every user should set it by matching with their required area. In addition, mold-free room air will come to secure your health.

Operating Costs and Device Price

Now, we must move our focus to cost. You know what; LEVOIT 200 usually does not cost highly. Meanwhile, this fact is true for it as well. Above all, you can set this device at an apt price. Therefore, certain services will be open for the users.

On the other hand, the operating cost of this device is very tinny. Consequently, it is an apt fact to consider accurately. After that, the users can remain glad because of the cost. Here, it will serve the pleasing air without spending huge money.

Firstly, we have slightly discussed it in the above lines. Above all, the maintenance cost will not bother the users as well. Likewise, the manufacturer provided a huge facility to keep it workable. As a result, people can amass quality service from them.

In other words, an air cleaner should be user-friendly. Here, this device is one of those devices. Above all, the users have grabbed it highly. Meanwhile, it runs for rinsing pure air at home. So, this air cleaner is an amazing tool.

Variation of Filtration Mode

Firstly, the manufacturer was aware of the straining process. Above all, they have added the apt mode for it. So, we can grab three variants of filtration. Here, we can start the topic with the primary strainer. After that, we are aware of the pre-filter module.

In other words, a LEVOIT Vista 200 review should place a proper idea of strainers. Consequently, we can amass the workability of an amazing air cleaner. Above all, a device like this model has stored pre-filter to catch initial dirt.

On the other hand, a device like it has a real filter to kill the microns. Besides, you can avail safety for it. As a result, the users will not see any health issues. In every manner, this device is ready to diminish allergens. So, you can live with pure air.

Lastly, we can name the activated carbon strainer. You know what; this thing is really exigent for smokes and smells. Thus, the room will be odor-free. Above all, this type of strainer is handy for people to remove germs.

Easiness of Installation

Meanwhile, we must unbox the installation mode. You know what; the process is really easy. Firstly, the users may go through the manual. Here, it has come from the manufacturer to guide them. So, the fact is really handy and assumable.

Moreover, you can set an electric line before setting it. After that, LEVOIT 200 will come to make a certain arrangement. Besides, the users have the facility to take assistance from the manufacturer. Above all, they can send a support team for it.

In addition, the transformation of power must be clear. Thus, a proper work schedule will come. As a result, you can grab the air purifier for your home easily. Besides, the settings should follow the rule written in the manual.

Finally, the process will come to an end. After that, we can grab the working method highly. Likewise, the route of settings is fundamental. Above all, amassing service is the prime object. Therefore, it can work repeatedly.

Additional Features about LEVOIT vista 200 review

Most importantly, LEVOIT Vista has contained some other additional features. Firstly, these features easily blow our minds. Above all, the necessary working facts can help the users. Therefore, we may grab the apt service from an air purifier.

In the following lines, we may focus on those things. Let’s have a glimpse at those features.

Fan Run Settings:

Firstly, we can shift our focus to the fan speed. Here, the manufacturer has enabled it with three portions. You know what; the users will have the facility to adjust and modify. Thus, proper work will come.

Official Warranty:

Here, the manufacturer has claimed to provide two years. Above all, these two years are the official warranty for the users. During this time, we can avail huge service from the manufacturer.

Night Light:

Meanwhile, this device contains a light for indication. But, the things will not be disturbing. It is because; you can modify the brightness while sleeping. After that, it is one of the apt options.

Strainer Check:

You know what; this air purifier will assist you with checking mode. Therefore, you can set the strainer easily. Besides, it will be easy for you to modify the filtration. After that, an apt service will make you gleeful and active.

Customer report

Meanwhile, you can grab the customer report for consideration. Above all, they are happy with the LEVOIT Vista 200 air purifier replacement filter. Likewise, we have an optimal review from the customers. That is why; a device like this may come to serve at our home.

From the customer report, we come to store several points. Firstly, the customers have found it a handy tool. It is because; they did not require much maintenance. Likewise, the service was really workable for them.

On the other hand, they suggest the manufacturer enrich the covering area. Besides, the electric line should be high as well. After that, they will be glad to have a sensor on this device. In this way, this air purifier can be a better tool for them.

What Makes The Air Purifier Stand Out?

Most importantly, the working mode of the LEVOIT Vista 200 air purifier is amazing. Meanwhile, we can appreciate the proper module. After that, the major points go for the testifying mode. Therefore, this device has stored huge marks.

On the other hand, this device remains far from ozone.  So, it can be handy for health. Above all, the works it has amassed certification. Likewise, it is an apt air cleaner for the small home. As a result, people are acquiring it highly.

Meanwhile, you can grab the layout of this module. Besides, the working mode of this air cleaner has a great benefit. Above all, the manufacturer ensures entire support for the purifier users. Thus, it becomes an apt air cleaner for the home.

LEVOIT vista 200

Pros & Cons:

In addition, we must justify every aspect of the LEVOIT vista 200 review. Consequently, the users may amass the right one. It is because; the good and bad sides should be clear. Therefore, we have initiated this section. Let’s justify the right and adverse facts of this model.

  • This air purifier is really handy for removing lung irritants and other viruses.
  • You will grab it as an amazing model because of the design, which comes from California.
  • It has the power and efficacy to run the purifying work at a low energy cost.
  • The manufacturer has enabled it to avoid ruckus by producing very tinny noise.
  • The users have the facility and power to adjust the apt brightness to work at night.
  • The body condition of this air cleaner is very light, portable, and long-lasting to serve highly.
  • Any class of people can avail of this model for their home because of its handy price.
  • You can claim huge service from the manufacturer by using the two years official warranty.
  • You cannot set this air cleaner for covering the big size room or large basements.
  • This air purifier does not store any smart switches to cope with modern technologies.

What Alternatives Are There?

Firstly, you must go through apt justification mode. It is because; only this thing can assist you to grab the Vista 200 air purifier. Consequently, you can compare one model to other devices. Meanwhile, an apt and handy air purifier will come to serve.

In other words, we can name a device as an alternative. So, you can choose and grab LEVOIT Core 300 as a tool. You know what; this device contains huge power to serve. Besides, the stress-relieving fact is huge here. After that, its design is unique.

On the other hand, you must stare that it is a little pricey. Therefore, some people may not afford this air cleaner. Above all, the performance is a little better. Meanwhile, you can set this model for the big room. As a result, it has acquired a vast call from users.


1. Does Levoit Vista 200 produce ozone?

No, it doesn’t. Ozone is a gas that is harmful to health and the environment. Intertek has tested Levoit air purifiers, and they do not produce ozone.

2. Where to Place the Levoit Vista 200 Air Purifier?

The Vista 200 is the best at cleaning and purifying a room. You can mount it high up on a wall, place it on a table or counter, or put it on the floor. It’s lightweight enough to carry from one room to another. The three-speed settings allow you to control the amount of air it processes per minute. Using it on the highest setting gets rid of more harmful particles in less time.

3. Who is the Levoit Vista 200 Air Purifier for?

The Levoit Vista 200 is for anyone who wants a powerful air purifier that produces no negative side effects. It is ideal for people with allergies, asthma, and other breathing issues because it has a high-powered filter to remove allergens from the air. This unit is also good for cleaning up pet odors, smoke, or other unwanted smells in your home.

4. How to Clean the Levoit Vista 200 and Its Filter?

The Levoit Vista 200 needs to be cleaned after every usage. Before you clean the unit, make sure that the power is off. For cleaning purposes, you can use a soft brush or cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Use this method for cleaning the fan blades and the filter screen. Once done, leave the unit to dry out overnight before you plug it back in. Do not expose the unit to direct sunlight for more than two hours.

5. Are Vista 200 filters washable?

No, the filters are not designed to be washed. They may become clogged and reduce the performance of the unit. The best way to clean them is with a vacuum cleaner.

6. Can I leave the Vista 200 air purifier on all the time?

Yes, it is safe to leave the purifier on 24 hours a day. It will automatically turn off when no activity occurs for approximately 10 minutes. If you would like, you can set the timer function to turn the purifier on at the same time each day.

7. How long does the Levoit Vista filter last?

The manufacturer says you can expect around 4-6 months of use with the standard filter and up to 2 years with the HEPA filter. The longevity, depending on how often you use it. The more you use it, the quicker it will need to be replaced.

Last few words about LEVOIT vista 200 review

Well, the LEVOIT Vista 200 review may seem to be an apt tool. Above all, we can hope that you avail the right data. Likewise, the device of air cleaning can be handy for the users. Therefore, they can enjoy the pleasing and pure air at their home.

In other words, LEVOIT is a brand that delivers amazing work. Likewise, we expect the best air purifier under 100 dollars from this brand. Above all, the quality of work can assure value. Meanwhile, we can take LEVOIT to eliminate the dirt.

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