Blueair Blue Pure 411 Review: Is it perfect for your need?

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A good-looking air purifier is a great expectation of the consumers. So, finding the best air purifier is not an easy task.

A lot of air-effective purifiers are available in the market. You need to know the different specifications of these purifiers first before buying.

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Blueair Blue Pure 411 Specifications

Model 411PACF105530
Manufacturer Blueair
Product Color White
Filter Type 3 stage filters
Filter Lifestyle 6 months
Fan Mode 3 fans
Power Source Corded electric
Dimensions 20.88 x 9.8 x 9.5 inches
Weight 5.99 pounds
Automatic Mode Yes
Sensors Yes
Warranty One year


In-depth of Blueair Blue Pure 411 Review

The Blueair Blue Pure 411 air purifier requires a lot of advanced technology. It attracts consumers easily. Let’s have a look at the Blue by Blue air Purifier review

Room Size Coverage

The size and design of the blue pure 411 are improving day by day. The design of the purifier is very attractive. It is the latest device in the blue family of Blueair. The blue pure 411 design is updated from blue pure 211. You can consider the blue pure 411 as the best air purifier for bird dander.

This is a more attractive version and a cylinder-shaped device. There is only one simple button on the top part of the device. There is a specific size of the purifier. The height of the purifier is only 16.7 inches and the weight is only 3.4 lbs. This beautiful air purifier can cover the large room also.

Air Filter Types

The Blueair 411 filter type comes with one step ahead technology than others. You will get details from the blue pure 411 reviews. There are different air filter types and performances of this blue pure 411 filter. There are three stages of air purifiers with this device. The purifier systems are-


The pre-filter of the Blueair filter 411 is very effective and active. There is a great advantage to this purifier. You can use this filter easily. You will check the status of the air purifier within a short time. It is very easy to wipe the contaminants out instantly.

Particle filter:

There is no True HEPA filter with this purifier. It will help to capture almost 99% of all harmful particles from room air. The harmful elements are all allergenic like dust mites, dust, pollen, fungi, and pet mites, etc.

Activated carbon filter:

The activated carbon filter is updated than other similar purifiers. It is a more advanced Blueair 411 HEPA filter. You will find it within the device. This amazing filter is very effective against bad odors, gases, VOCs, and smoke.

Fan speeds

Speed depends on the fan’s running level. You will know details from the Blueair 411 review. There are three powerful fans of this device. Three fans have three unique speeds. These are low, medium, and high.

The incredible quietness of the purifier is just amazing. It is a more attractive device for its silent nature. The airflow capacity of the fans varies on the fan speed. You can change the fan speed manually. The benefit is that the speed is controllable for the consumers. The HEPASilent technology of the Blueair 411 purifier increases the airflow capacity.

Warranty Information

Warranty duration is much acceptable to all consumers. Every top branded device comes with an attractive warranty. The warranty will attract customers easily. The warranty duration provides relaxation to the customers. They can use this device hassle-free. Consumers can notice the service center for repairing the purifier at any time within the warranty period. The warranty of this device is up to one year.

Set-up process

The pure blue 411 purifier has an indication system. It automatically indicates to change the filter at the proper time. Setting up the blue pure 411 air purifier is an easy process. You will need no time to set up the purifier. First, you have to turn on the unit. Then you need to press and hold the main button of the purifier to start working. Then give more than ten seconds to start operating. You need to wait as the light turns off with the button light.

Sound level

The Blueair blue pure 411 air purifier requires a most powerful fan. There is an incredible quietness mode of the fan. The three fan speeds have three types of sound levels. Noise depends on the fan speed. The lowest noise level is only 17 decibels. The highest noise level of the purifier is 46 decibels. The noise level is not so harsh. It is tolerable to all. The small and smart purifier is very popular for its fantastic quietness mode.

Energy Consumption

Energy consumption level is a remarkable feature of an air purifier. Consumers always think about the energy consumption level.

The power consumption level is needed to justify. The minimum power consumption of the blue pure air purifier 411 is 1.5 watts. The minimum consumption is less than a light bulb. The highest power consumption of the purifier is 10 watts.

Auto Modes

The Blueair blue pure 411 purifier has a sleep mode. The sleep mode feature is most attractive to customers. It automatically runs in a sunlight environment. This auto mode will help to reduce the excess sound level. It is automatically quiet in the darkroom. The LED light system is another attractive feature for users. It shuts off with the sleeping mode.

Air Quality Sensor – Sensitivity Adjustment

An integrated sensor of the Blueair air purifier 411 generally enhances its acceptability.  The updated indomitable time of the Blueair pure 411 is very helpful for the consumers. The updated sensor will kill the germs automatically. It also kills the harmful particles from the room air. The sensor mode normally increases the demand for the purifier. In the digitized world, people want to get the most updated product. The blue pure 411 purifier has more advanced features with the sensor mode.

Competitive Price

You can consider the blue pure 411 purifiers as an entry-level air cleaning device. You will get the blue pure 411 air purifier at 119 dollars from its website. There are some similar products like the blue pure 411 in the market.

There are the different U.S branded air purifiers in the marketplace. The products are VEVA ProHEPA 9000 and Vornado AC350, etc. The pure 411+ is an updated version. It has an extra charge of 20 dollars more than the pure 411. This beautiful purifier eliminates different unnecessary waste. It will also help to enhance the longevity of the particle filter. The price level of the pure 411 purifiers is comparatively less than other purifiers.

Additional Features of Blueair Blue Pure 411


The design of the pure 411 purifiers is just lovely. It is a slim-fit purifier. This air purifier is also a lightweight and pretty device. It carries a minimum weight compared to other purifiers. The portability of the device is remarkable. All consumers of this purifier always provide a positive review about its portability. The lightweight device will be very convenient for all consumers.


The Blue Pure 411 air purifier is certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), which ensures that it cleanses the air at an efficient and high level. The CADR determines how fast your device cleanses the air. This certification ensures that it does so efficiently – at a level close to or even above industry standards!

Machine-Washable Fabric Filter

The filters on this unit are removable and can be set up in minutes. They’re perfect for the average person who wants an easy-to-use machine.  It has a washable filter system that will allow you to maintain your air cleaner over time without getting in the way while using it throughout each day!


If you’re looking for an air purifier that doesn’t make too much noise, Blueair’s new range is perfect. It provides 17 dB of sound at the lowest setting and 46dB on their highest one!

This machine is the perfect choice for those who are looking to keep their home quiet. It has all of these features that will work quietly and efficiently, so you can rest easy knowing peace reigns at long last!

Customer Report

The consumers of the Blueair blue pure 411 purifiers are almost satisfied. This amazing purifier has a huge number of positive reviews online.

The Blueair blue pure 411 is renowned for its smart design. Customers comment on the design as exceptional. The design of the purifier is also unique.

The purifier is highly appreciated for its silent mode. It remains more silent at low-speed fan mode. The amazing air purifier will automatically notice the air germs. It starts its work with the sensor mode. This purifier is small in size. It can cover enough space in your home.

What Makes the Air Purifier Stand Out?

A huge number of top branded purifiers are available in the market. But the Blueair blue pure 411 air purifier is most acceptable to many consumers. Some special reasons make the purifier stand out than others-

The purifier looks quite attractive and smart. It is a more lightweight and compact device. There are some special power settings with this purifier.


  • The pure 411 purifier is a third-party tested device.
  • This purifier is perfect for small rooms
  • The particle sensor maintains a comfortable environment
  • Intuitive auto mode of the purifier normally adjusts to kill the germs
  • The combination of filters provides a mind-blowing service
  • Low noise and low consumption of energy level

Pros & Cons

  • It is a well-built device for the price
  • The design of the purifier is simple and small
  • Low power consumption is available with this purifier
  • Comparatively silent mode device
  • There is no timer option
  • The dust filter is not perfect

What Alternatives are there?

The design and size of the blue pure 411 purifiers are unique and attractive. There are some similar purifiers like it. But the price level is different based on the features and models of the purifiers.

You can take the pure blue 411+ purifier as an alternative device. But the price is higher than the pure 411. The cost of the pure 411+ is 20 dollars more than the pure 411 purifiers. The pure 411+ purifier has an updated feature like new metal filter housing.

You can consider the Pure blue 411 auto purifier as an alternative. It has advanced features like a one-button design, LED air quality display, etc. There are some other features like one-touch auto mode, low energy consumption, long lifetime, etc. This purifier is very simple to place.

Bissell MYair blue purifier can also be an alternative purifier of blue 411. This purifier has three in one filtration system. It can kill germs up to 99.7%.

Activated carbon filters are useful for removing pet odors, room odors, etc. The purifier can operate at a whisper-quiet level. It will contribute to a peaceful environment. You will get a sound sleep in this cool environment.

BLUE PURE 411 vs 411+

The newest addition to the Blue Pure family, 411+, has taken over with some enhancements. It offers increased coverage area and CADR– more on these differences below!

  1. The coverage area for Blue Pure 411+ is slightly greater than that of the original blue pure. It can cover up to a 185 sq ft room with ease instead of 161 from its predecessor, which is an upgrade overall!
  2. The 411+ model of the Blue Pure line, like its predecessors before, is designed to be used without pre-filters. The newest design features finer holes and a matte finish mesh that should keep your cleaner air flowing in more smoothly than ever!
  3. The Blue Pure 411+ has a magnetic cord-straightener, which helps you to straighten your tangled-up cords with the touch of a button.
  4. The mesh is scratch-proof, ensuring that its white color won’t become an eyesore.
  5. The Blue Pure 411+ has a single button control and three fan settings that are easy to use.


1. Does Blueair 411 produce ozone?

Answer: No, it doesn’t. The truth is you can’t get any kind of ozone from this machine because there aren’t any filters or ionizers that produce such a thing!

2. Do you have to use auto mode?

Answer: You can set your machine in Auto Mode if you like, but it is not necessary and most people never use that setting. You’ve got control over the fan speeds by using Manual mode instead!

3. Can you leave the Blue Pure 411 working at night?

Answer: Yes, you can leave your air purifier on overnight, but I recommend using a NightCap if you want to sleep with lights. This little sticker covers up all the buttons and lets them run at night without having any distractions from glowing screens or bright notifications in bed next to me!

4. How long does the Blueair 411 filter last?

Answer: The lifespan of the Blueair 411 filter is up to 8 months, but it depends on how often you use the machine. If you change out your filter at least once every six or eight weeks then there’s no need to worry about running low and worrying that maintenance will be expensive!

5. Does Blueair 411 have an ionizer?

Answer: No, it doesn’t. It’s surprising that the Blueair company has not provided any information about its ionizer on their 411 website or in the user manual.

6. Are Blueair filters washable?

Answer: It’s important to know that you can wash the pre-filter, but your main filter must always be replaced. You shouldn’t take this opportunity to wash or expose it to liquids because that will void your warranty!

 7. Does this unit emit a chemical smell?

Answer: The 411 is a new and innovative product that has been receiving rave reviews from its customers. However, some have noted an odd chemical smell when it’s first turned on, which should go away within hours of use but can persist if not dealt with quickly enough by contacting customer service for help!

8. Does the BlueAir Blue Pure 411 remove weed and cigarette smoke?

Answer: The activated carbon in the filter will reduce all kinds of odors including cigarette and weed smoke, however depending on how strong your smells are it may not be able to clear them.

Final Thought

The blue pure 411 purifier is the most acceptable device to all users. You will find everything fine with this air purifier. This purifier is totally lightweight. It is also a stylish and small purifier.

We have already provided the total Blueair blue pure 411 reviews. Hopefully, you will get all the updated features before buying your expected purifier.

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