Bissell Air400 Review

If you are eyeing the Bissell Air400 review, it is a pertinent guide for you. Firstly, the Bissell air purifier originates with entirely required features. After that, you may guess to find a modern-day air cleaner. As a chunk of my house cleaning chores, I have to grab the purified air in my home.

Certainly, the Bissell air400 is one of the most authoritative air purifiers on the market today. Above all, it has several functionalities. Therefore, it can cater to diverse kinds of users. After that, some are compact for small spaces. Besides, some others are better compact for larger rooms.

After that, this review will clarify the entire aspects of Bissell air400. Firstly, the best air purifier for classroom contains huge efficacy. In this way, the proper and apt decision will follow the service. So, the users will have an accurate air cleaner for better breath. Check Price

Bissell Air400 Specifications

Model : Bissell Air 400, B07FG643VG
Manufacturer : Bissell
Product Color : Lightning White
Filter Type : Tree Distinctive Filtrations Along With Pre-Filter Unit, H13 Real HEPA Part, And Accumulated Carbon Filter
Filter Life Cycle : 12 Months
Fan Modes : Five Fan Running Adjustments Including  Low, Mid-Level, High, Very High,  and Ultra-Fast
Power Source : Corded Electric Line
Dimension : 8.4 x 16 x 24 inches
Weight : 22.28 Pounds
CADR : 240 Cubic Feet In Per Minute
Room Coverage Capacity : 434 Square Feet
Noise Level : 56.8 dB
Mode : Silent Mode Working Level
Power Consumption Rate : 16 W
Sensors : PM.2 Air Quality Checking and Indicating Sensors
ECO Mode : Yes
Country of Origin : China
Warranty : 1-Year Official Warranty
Air Quality Indicator : Yes
Timer : Yes

Bissell Air400

In-Depth Review of Bissell Air400 Review

Certainly, the Bissell 400 air purifier must contain aspects of performance. You know what; the utility is the key to the apt value. Therefore, we must be widely certain of the efficacy of Bissell air400. That is why; this phase has pointed towards the method.

Well, this review will reveal the entire facts of this model. So, let’s have a look at the following lines to grab more views.

Performing Efficacy

Firstly, our viewpoint will go for the Bissell air400 air purifier reviews. In this sense, this cleaner is just highly efficient. Above all, you can utilize the functionality accurately. Likewise, the route of the cleaning process is amazing. So, the efficacy is pleasing for the users.

In other words, we can highly rely on this tool for better breathing. Meanwhile, this model has achieved several certifications from famous authorities. Consequently, you can point to this device as the best one. After that, quality performance will be at your hand.

However, we cannot forget the virus elimination rate. Above all, the Bissell air purifier 400 has the efficacy to remove dust and viruses. Likewise, its working process is accurate enough to do it. After that, the manufacturer is certain of featuring this tool.

Finally, this model is a perfect and handy tool in any manner. That is why; we can view the huge demand for this air cleaner. Likewise, the manufacturer has set it with key features. As a result, its performance has led to a greater height.

Room Size Coverage 

In this phase, our concerns will follow the major capacity. Meanwhile, the tremendous effect of the air cleaner is exigent. That is why; the manufacturer has made this air cleaner in every aspect. Firstly, this model is a compact and apt device for any room.

However, the technical capacity is a great thing to note. Above all, Bissell air 400 filter has an amazing range. Likewise, some other devices can be compared. But, we can afford this model for our home. After that, the users will have no doubt actually.

In this way, this device can rinse the air of a small area. Likewise, you can avail quality air in the big room as well. In addition, some mutual benefits come with proper workability. That is why; this model has an apt version of the CADR rate.

Finally, you can cover up to 434 square feet. In this way, a great tool like this model has appeared to serve greatly. Firstly, the tool is handy and accurate in service. After that, the room covering facts is essential to be in the account.

Bissell Air400

Filtration Systematic Module

Now, a major thing needs to be in the consideration process. Above all, the Bissell air400 professional air purifier is apt and compact. Likewise, this device has come with a magnificent filtration system. Firstly, you can view the preset mode of filtration.

In other words, this device has the zeal to catch the mites. Besides, its quality of making virus-free mode is just real. In this way, this device has come into the market. Firstly, the pre-filtration is heavy and accurate. So, it can be handy for dust.

Secondly, you can make a note of the real HEPA filter. It is because; this strainer is a great fighter against allergens. Consequently, you can remain glad and pleased. Here, the users have the grabbing fact to control the air. After that, the room service will be great as well.

Above all, the activated strainer of carbon can erase the smoke. Besides, you will eradicate the bad odors from the room. After that, it provides freshness in the air. Therefore, your room finds the actual mode of living. In addition, some other facts come to clear the surroundings.

Operating Costs

Certainly, this Bissell Air400 review will take every fact deeply. That is why; we will show you the costs of functionality. Firstly, this air cleaner is handy in energy consumption. After that, the manufacturer of this model is ready to support it.

Consequently, we can run this operational tool effectively. Above all, the users will have entire satisfaction. Likewise, the tool is handy to run smoothly. After that, the straining modules work for a long to save money. So, you can set this air purifier.

In other words, a device like this is a tool for saving value. Likewise, some facts work for it to bring the apt result. Above all, its durability ensures less operational cost. Meanwhile, the users will take a short note of the service quality.

Finally, the operational cost is no big deal for the users. That is why; they are putting this model into their list of purchases. Likewise, we can have great service and purity. In addition, efficiency is a key facet of this module.

Set-Up Process

Well, the process of setting is really exigent. That is why; the users must have a view of it. Here, the manufacturer has provided a sufficient guide. Above all, you can avail of the manual as the processing tool. Consequently, it will be really easy for the users.

Most importantly, the guideline shows that it will take less effort. Likewise, only the electric line is enough for the installation. After that; this device will start working. Certainly, the workability of this air purifier is an apt fact.

In addition, you may run through the Bissell Air400 review accurately. It is because; this thing will assist you to comprehend the details. Likewise, some other exigent matters will follow the route. After that, the set-up process will come easily to you.

Lastly, the words of the setting process should be relevant. Otherwise, the process can be hard and nasty for some users. It is because; they must have a clear understanding of this point. So, effective and accurate work can come with this model.

Bissell Air400

Design and Body Build Up

At this point, the step has come to meet the looks of the air purifier. Truly, the users really disquiet about the beatification. It is because; a device can enrich the home environment. Likewise, some other modules can come to raise the points of the purifier.

However, the Bissell air 400 is really amazing. Likewise, the body structure is adorable as well. In addition, you can praise the setup quality of this tool. Therefore, this device has a good demand and a peak in sales.

Firstly, the manufacturer has set this air cleaner as a robust one. Above all, it brings a higher mode of service. Therefore, this model is the right one in terms of body. After that, its design met the need of the users as well.

Meanwhile, you must find its design as an eye-catching tool. It is because; the color and setting condition is really unique. Therefore, the users have marked it with a great score. Above all, the aesthetic form of this air cleaner is really amazing.

Additional Features

In this section, we cannot overlook the features. Truly, some other features are waiting to come on our list. Above all, we will reveal those features for better understanding. Consequently, you can decide the best for your home as well.

Well, the Bissell air 400 replacement filters are more in number. That is why; we have clearly stated the frequent performance. Firstly, these things can impact the service form of the air purifier. So, let’s have a glimpse in the lines to grab more of those features.

Warranty Information:

Now, the major aspect has come to disclose. You know what; the manufacturer is aware of the service. So, they have declared 12 month’s warranty for this unique module. After that, you can avail of the apt performance.


Firstly, this device is handy in usability. It is because; this air purifier only produces 56.8 dB sound. Meanwhile, the users will not have any sort of disturbance. Above all, they can expect and grab noiseless functionality.

Air Checking Sensors

Secondly, the major tool is the air-checking mode. That is why; the manufacturer has added several sensors to this cleaner. Besides, the working model of this device is really handy. In addition, it responds to sensors accurately.

Power Consumption

Finally, we can reveal the consumption rate as well. You know what; this device runs only in 16W. Therefore, the users will have the ease mode of electricity. After that, they can have pure air with less power consumption.

Bissell Air400

Customer Report

Most importantly, the Bissell Air400 review should store the customer report. It is because; this thing can clearly state the facts. Firstly, several users have their own views of consideration. After that, we can avail the quality note on this matter.

In other words, the exploration shows that customers have to grab amazing service. Consequently, they have pointed it out with good scores. But, some people make a note of the coverage area. It is because; they want to cover a more long area.

Finally, most of the users are fundamental. Above all, the body build-up has grabbed their fulfilment. Firstly, the reviews have come in a good number. After that, they can compare it with other models. So, the frequent mode of its service is handy as well.

What Makes the Air Purifier Stand Out?

Certainly, its performing efficacy has set it as an amazing tool. It is because; this device has contained unique efficacy. Therefore, it can highly impact the room air. After that, the design and edifice are another mood of exclusivity.

In other words, you can attain this model as the most effective one as well. Besides, the capacity of this model is satisfactory. After that, it earned a large view of the users. Consequently, the users have the grabbing fact to move this tool.

Lastly, we can take this tool to erase dust and mites. In addition, the service is amazing. Likewise, affordability is another fact here. After that, its efficacy is really high. Therefore, the users have set this cleaner as a standing-out tool.

Pros and Cons:

You know what; we have studied the facts deeply. Consequently, we grab an exigent and apt view of this device. After that, the users can have a detailed form of the performance. Likewise, we can state every side of this air cleaner.

Here, we have sorted and noted the entire facts clearly. So, let’s have a glimpse in the lines to grab more regarding this tool.

  • It is a mission-based model where the prime earning goes for saving the pets.
  • The real and auto mode has set in the air flow rate to ensure the purity and quality of the air.
  • The manufacturer has added and set the honeycomb structure in this air purifier.
  • You will find and grab the washable and modifiable air strainer in this unique air cleaner.
  • The price and other operational costs of this tool are within the reach of the users.
  • The manufacturer has brought it in the selling point along with handy and apt features.
  • This air cleaner is free from ozone-type toxins and really easy to run at your home.
  • You will view several sensors and air quality checkers to protect the air to remain pure and healthy.
  • The users will not have any facts to run it through touch or apps while taking it at home.
  • Some users have contained issues regarding its covering range of air purification processes.

What Alternatives Are There?

Well, you have the facility to compare this device with other versions. In this case, we can name Bissell Air220. Firstly, this model is really comparative with it. Above all, the functionality of this device is handy and apt. So, it can alter the above model.

In other words, a device should store several facts for the users. Likewise, the covering range can be a high consideration. After that, the design and efficacy are the key facts. Meanwhile, the service comes with greater features.

However, a device like Air220 has a vast module. But, the price and weight are a little high. In this aspect, we can largely grab the above model for our home. Meanwhile, the service quality of this air cleaner is high and compact.


1. How to maintain Bissell Air400 Air Purifier?

You need to remember to replace the filters with new filters once per year.

You’ll want to vacuum the area under your Air400 Air Purifier about once per month or as needed. You should clean the dirty water collector once every two weeks, replacing it with a new one entirely if it gets too dirty. Finally, according to the Bissell customer service department, “if excess dust builds up on your vacuum grill over time and causes airflow slowdown, brush away the accumulated dust using a soft brush.” They also recommend maintaining an indoor humidity level of 30% or less.

 2. How long do the Bissell air 400 filters last?

The Bissell Air400 has a variety of filters to keep your home clean and fresh. You can change the HEPA filter every six months or replace it with another when needed. At the same time, carbon lasts longer if cared for properly based on how often you use it in different conditions or indoor air quality levels at home (elevated pollen counts will cause greater wear). When this happens, an indicator turns red, letting users know that they need new ones right away before any more dirt gets trapped inside!

3. Does Bissell air 400 produce ozone?

Bissell Air400 is 100% free of the harmful effects caused by ozone. It doesn’t have any UV lights or plasma, so you can feel good about yourself knowing that your air purifier will not harm anyone with its noiseless operation and quiet motor!

4. How often do the filters need to be replaced?

The air quality in your home can be improved with the HEPA + pre-filter and carbon filter. These should be replaced every six months to maintain a clean, healthy environment for you as well as those around you!

5. Does the Bissell air 400 have a night mode?

Yes, the Bissell air 400 has an automatic night mode feature that turns off lights when it gets dark. White LEDs on top and front turn black while the color wheel dims in order to save energy for those who need their rooms lit up during nighttime hours.

6. What size space does the Bissell air 400 clean?

The Bissell air 400 is a life-changing invention. It has the power to clean up to 400 square feet, and in just one hour, it filters your room’s air three times!

This fantastic little device will make all of that asthma or allergies disappear before they even know what hit them – literally.

7. How does Bissell air 400 do with the odor?

My unit has been excellent at removing pet odors. It’s perfect for me because I have cats and dogs, but an hour before bedtime when they’re resting up from all their playtime in anticipation of breakfast tomorrow morning (which will be delicious, by the way), it helps freshen things; out nicely!

8. Does Bissell air 400 works for fire smoke? 

My unit has been excellent at removing pet odors. It’s perfect for me because I have cats and dogs, but an hour before bedtime when they’re resting up from all their playtime in anticipation of breakfast tomorrow morning (which will be delicious, by the way), it helps freshen things; out nicely!


Now, we can clearly state the claim of the Bissell Air400 review. You know what; its strainer module is apt enough to diminish the mites. Likewise, the manufacturer is ready to provide working support for this tool. So, it can be unique and handy.

In other words, the Bissell air400 air purifier offers four fan speed settings. But, you have acquired the entire thing. Above all, this device ensures pure and healthy airflow. Meanwhile, you can consider the customer’s viewpoint as well.

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