Blueair classic 605 review

Suppose you wish to buy a purifier for your home. Do you have a little bit of confusion about buying the best traditional air purifiers? Then this Blueair classic 605 review is for you. We have used this Blueair classic 605 and reviewed it based on its key features.

Are you a new user of Blueair purifiers? If so, then we will help you to know more about this one. Here, I highlight all the details of this purifier. From our observations, we can assure you that you will enjoy using this purifier for a longer time. Click Price

Blueair classic 605 Specifications:

Model Classic 605
Manufacturer Blueair
Product Color White
Filter Type HEPA
Filter Lifestyle 24 hours
Fan Mode 150 – 650 cfm
Power Source Corded Electric
Dimension 13 x 20 x 26 inches
Weight 31 pounds
Automatic Mode Yes
Sensors Yes
Warranty Five years

Blueair classic 605

In-depth Review of Blueair classic 605

Whenever we think of buying a classic 605. The first thing that comes to mind is the amount of healthy air provided by its technology system. Blueair 605  provides pure air using a well-engineered ionization process. Blueair classic 605 air purifier provides you environmentally friendly air. We will give you the best Blueair classic 605 air purifier review. We are discussing the features of the Blueair 605 air purifier to help provide you with a clear conception.

Room Size Coverage

This Blueair 605 covers up to 775 square feet of room five times per hour. Comparing other purifiers like the best air purifier for VOCs covers only 375 to 495. Where Blueair gives you extra-large chambers to filter air at a rate of 4.8x per hour. You will find a similar high-range purifier in the shop, but no one can beat it with Blueair 605 air purifier.

Even this classic 605 can give coverage up to 1000 square feet of the room without any problem. Because Blueair classic 605 air purifier provides ACH and CADR with a high rating.

Blueair classic 605

Air Filter Types

When you read the review, assure you that you will find a clear picture of filter types. Where you came to know how powerful filters we discuss in the Blueair classic 605 review. Blueair 605 offers three stages filters option with HEPA silent technology. Where practical filters capture 99.97% pollutant air. Such as dust, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, and mold spores, etc. HEPA manages practicals down to 0.1 microns.

On the other hand, you have to pay more attention to dual protection filters combined with HEPA. And activated carbon filters. This classic 605 filter is free from chemicals. And it also provides a natural antibacterial system. HEPA silent technology has the power to capture 01 microns of airborne pollution.

Fan Speeds

There are three fan mode options in Blueair classic 605. Blueair delivers the best 150 – 650 cfm airflow.  Blueair blue classic 605 air purifier provides you three fan speeds for your 775 square feet room.  It has plenty of energy to spread the fan air throughout.

If we compare other purifiers’ fan speeds, it has been seen that most of the fans are built with a single speed. Where Blueair 605 reviews three-speed methods like CADR 500 cfm, 640 cfm Pollen CADR, and smoke CADR is 500 cfm.  All works effectively and clean the dust and allergies.

Blueair classic 605

Design & Size

If you have seen the Blueair classic 605 Costco then you will feel Blueair classic 605 design. Where it contains four caster additions. The design of the classic 605 is so fancy. You will surely love it.

On both sides of the Blueair 605, you will find an input and out grill. So that it inhaled the dust and bacteria. It’s designed in such a way that where you set it, it will give you fresh air. And you can use your purifier without any hassle.

Warranty Information

Isn’t it great news for you that Blueair 605 offers you workmanship for one year? And the more exciting thing, you get it free from the date of purchase. If you find any defect in the classic material, the natural Blueair blue classic 605 air purifier replaces the filter.

It saves your money from buying new materials. Blueair classic 605 will give you a five years guarantee. But Blueair provides such excellent manufacture. So that it will last more than five years.

Set-up process

You can set up Blueair easily with the network. You control it with connectivity devices through the app. Blueair 605 connects with wifi so that you can handle it in a super-easy way.


Blueair has HEPASilent technology. For which you are obliged to thank this manufacturing company. This technology reduces the volume of the fan by setting it to a small volume.

The Blueair classic 605 HEPASilent drives the fan at 33 decibels.

Blueair classic 605

Power Consumption

The BlueAir Classic 605 does not waste extra energy like other purifiers. Yet, it runs the fan at three speeds. Yet, its HEPASilent technology can prevent energy dissipation.

You will be happy to know about this silent technology. Blueair Classic 605, can reduce power consumption to 15 watts. Blueair classic will help you to reduce the electric bill.

Auto Modes

Blueair classic 605 is a fantastic purifier area than other purifiers. It is easy to operate its features. The three-speed fan with the purifier will give you fresh air. It is also connected to a wifi network. So that you can auto-control it. The night mood can reduce the classic 605 fan speed automatically.

Air Quality Sensor – Sensitivity Adjustment

Blueair classic 605 does not attach with air quality sensors. If any causes damage to your filter, you just replace it. Blueair classic filter sensor will help to protect dust and remove airborne allergies and asthma. The filter sensor of Blueair classic 605 works fantastic. You can reuse it and clean it with a HEPA vacuum cleaner.


Why would you buy a purifier that costs too much? Yes when you are buying one for $547.98, it comes with so many advanced features. You can enjoy those features and stay healthy with this purifier.

Additional Features


The dimensions of the Blueair classic 605 are 13 x 20 x 26 inches which does not take up much space. This classic purifier is beautifully set up in any corner of the house.


Unlike other purifiers, you do not need a separate remote control to reduce the fan’s speed. Its night mode option automatically reduces the speed of the fan. And by connecting via Bluetooth or WiFi, you can control the Classic 605.

Customer Report

We have collected customer feedback from online platforms. Most buyers select this Blueair classic 605 purifier for its sophisticated technology. They recommend this purifier. Because its product quality dimensions and features are all improved.

Amazon’s rating has exceeded a thousand. You also choose your classic Air 605.

What makes the Blueair classic 605 purifiers stand out?

The Blueair classic 605 is a purifier that you will love to use. It has so many features and benefits that make it stand out from other purifiers. The best HEPA technology with dual protection filters gives the perfect kind of security to our room. Additionally, the wifi connection makes it handier to control more effectively.

Moreover, the silent feature and the air cleaning speed also make it stand alone from other purifiers. This is the one, on which you can rely without hassle.


  • Extra-ordinary performance
  • Manages large room very effectively
  • Comes with HEPA silent technology
  • Works with Wifi connection
  • Equipped with dual protection filter
  • Completely silent feature

Pros & Cons

  • Do not need ample space for Blueair classic 605.
  • The permanence of Blueair 605 air purifier rating is world-class.
  • Blueair 605 air purifier contains high CADR, ACH innovative airflow.
  • This air purifier has HEPA Silent technology that reduces fan noise.
  • It covers 775 square ft room.
  • It gives a five years warranty.
  • Equipped with wifi connection.
  • It removes the dust, allergy, and asthma.
  • The machine has no air quality sensor
  • It is larger and heavier.

Blueair classic 605

What alternatives are there?

When we are up to finding an alternative for Blueair Classic 605, we need to find one with similar features in a similar kind of price range. It is comparatively tough to find an alternative from other brands. So, we tried to identify one from Blueair.

After going through different types of purifiers, we have found that Blueair blue pure 211+ could be a perfect alternative for Blueair classic 605 purifiers. All the filter types, technology, and advantages are similar to this one and can give us the service.

If you are still confused about using Blueair classic 605 purifiers, then you can pick this one and stay hassle-free.

Who does it benefit?

Imagine the sweet relief of breathing clean air in. For those who suffer from allergies or asthma, this is a godsend! Indoor environments can be conducive for them as well because they have many irritants to deal with on top of dust and mites, which often make it worse than before you started using an Air Pure filtration system.

The benefits don’t stop there, though; offices are also abundantly dusty due to their ultra-dry climates (think sandpaper everywhere). If your office has these problems, too, then consider installing some kind of cleaner like those offered by AirPure. So everyone stays healthy while working indoors.

We have noticed that our family’s allergies have been improving since we started using the Blueair unit. Our adult daughter is sensitive to pollutants, and her sneezing has lessened, as well as throat clearing when she breathes in dust or other airborne particles from outside. The small children also benefited. They were able to breathe easier with better sinuses because running this purifier helped clear up congestion!

The Aware air monitor is a great way to get information about your environment. It tells you what kind of particulates are in the room, like PM2.5 or Carbon Dioxide levels. It also lets you know how many VOCs are present!

Blueair Classic 605 vs 680i – Comparison of Features and Effectiveness

The Blueair Classic 605 and 680i are both high-quality, HEPA-rated air purifiers. They have similar specifications with the main difference being that one is slightly more affordable than the other but they’re still top-notch products in every way possible!

Product Details Blueair Classic 605 Blueair Classic 680i
Dimensions (H x W x D) 26 x 20 x 13 in 26 x 20 x 13 in
Weight 35 lbs 35 lbs
Voltage 110 V 110 V
Energy star Yes Yes
Maximum wattage 105 W 105 W
Warranty 1 year + 4 extra years (optional) 1 year + 4 extra years (optional)
Recommended for Allergies, Asthma, Smoke, Odors & Chemical, General Air Quality, germs Allergies, Asthma, Smoke, Chemicals, General Air Quality, Germs
Filtration system HEPASilent Technology with dual protection filters HEPASilent Technology with dual protection filters
Room coverage 775 sq.ft. (72 m2) 775 sq.ft. (72 m2)
CADR rating Pollen – 640 Pollen – 640
Dust – 500 Dust – 500
Smoke -500 Smoke -500
Air exchange rate 5 5
Noise 33 dB Min 33 dB Min
62 dB Max 62 dB Max
Fan speed 3 3
Wifi Yes Yes
Automatic mode No Yes
Air quality monitor No Yes
Control panel Smartphone controlled Smartphone controlled
3 fan speeds 3 fan speeds
Timer function Timer function
Night mode Night mode
Filter change frequency 6 months 6 months
Price & availability See on Amazon See on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Blue Air Purifiers Good?

Answer: Yes, they’re. You’ll be glad to know that Blue Air is one of the best brands when it comes to air purifiers. They use electrostatic and mechanical filtration techniques, which are efficient in getting rid of 99% airborne particles like mold spores, pollen, or dust while leaving only 0.3 microns behind!

The air purifiers on this list are some of the best out there. They have very impressive reviews and ratings, which you can see for yourself by clicking through to their websites or reading customer comments online! So, if you’re looking to find a perfect match for your needs, then BlueAir is worth checking out!

2. How often do you change Blueair filter?

 Answer: There are three filters that need to be replaced every six months. Make sure you clean them after 24-hours of use or when they get too dirty for optimal performance! Otherwise, they won’t last as long!

 3. Can the filters be cleaned or washed?

Answer: No, they cannot be cleaned. You must replace them with new ones!

Blueair classic 605

 4. Will the Classic 605 remove cigarette smoke and odor?

Answer: Yes, if you want to protect your home from pesky smoke and odors. The Dual Protection filter uses porous coconut carbon that catches the bad stuff as well as VOCs with a special anti-odor coating for maximum performance in this tough application! This means you will be able to breathe easier and enjoy your home all day long!

 5. What is the warranty of the BlueAir 605?

Answer: The BlueAir True Air purifier is the best choice for anyone looking to improve their air quality. This is a high-quality, long-lasting air purifier that comes with a 1-year warranty. If you register your new air purifier within 60 days of purchase, then they’ll extend the coverage up to 5 years!

 6. How much energy does the Blueair Classic 605 use?

Answer: The fan speed is important to consider when choosing how much power your unit will need. It can draw 15 watts at low speeds, with mediums coming in around 65 WATTS; while the high setting has an output of 100 or higher.

 7. Does the BlueAir Classic 605 sense and remove VOCs (volatile organic compounds)?

Answer: Yes, that’s right. It features the 500/600 series Dual-Protection filters, which are designed to get rid of VOCs and other harmful materials in your air!

Final Thoughts

We show you the details in the discussion on Blueair classic 605 review. You will get enough information about Blueair classic 605. In a nutshell, Blueair classic 605 purifier air is a fantastic product for your home.

Blueair performance, rating, and consumption overall are excellent. When you decide to buy a Blueair purifier. We assure you it is an effective purifier for your home. Its stunning design gives your home a different look.

So you are getting late to pick up your Classic 605? Just make an order for Blueair classic 605.

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