Will an air purifier protect against the virus?

These days lots of people are coming with questions about the Coronavirus and air purifiers. We will reply to them in this article the question will an air purifier protect against the virus. Before we start with the Q&A, I would like to put some facts straight. The Coronavirus we are referring to it’s actually called SARS CoV two. That’s the scientific name of this particular virus, which is part of the Coronavirus family. And I’m sure you’ve already heard COVID 19. That’s not the name of the virus, but the respiratory disease that is connected to this virus.

Now let’s start with question number one

A lot of people ask us if an air purifier could catch viruses out of the air. It depends. I haven’t found enough reliable sources to define the particle size of the current Coronavirus, which means that I cannot certainly say if the Coronaviruses are too small or big enough to be trapped in an air purifier’s filter. But most certainly some of those viruses can be filtered out of the air. They will remain in the HEPA or electrostatic filter, but they can survive in this filter. So it very important to frequently exchange the filter or wash it.

If this is possible, this leads me to question number two

can an air purifier protect me and my family from the Coronavirus? While it certainly can filter some of the viruses out of the air, definitely it cannot protect you and your family from the Coronavirus.

However, there are many things you can do to protect yourself. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently if you need to sneeze or cough, do it in your elbow. If you have to use a tissue, put the used tissue in an enclosed trash bin. If you have a fever or you are coughing, please stay at home. And if you need to see a doctor called the hospital or the doctor first, do not go to the waiting room and maybe infect other people with the virus, please avoid any handshaking. Of course, it’s difficult not to shake because we are very used to shake hands.

Last Words

However, at this time this is very good protection. Furthermore, stay away from big events. I know this is difficult, but the more people there are, the bigger the chance you catch the virus from somebody. And lastly, please always keep some distance from other people. If somebody is close to you, don’t panic. That makes no sense, but just make some more distance if somehow possible. In this article we tried to answer the question will an air purifier protect against the virus. we have gathered an elaboration of the best air purifier for classroom. Here, some particulars may hinder us from getting the handy air purifier. But, for having the quality service, we may grab the best air purifier for smoke under $100. So that’s it from this article about the Coronavirus and air purifiers. If you have more questions, write them in the comment below.

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