Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier Review: Is it fit for your need?

Worried? Do you think about the right type of purifier for your sweet home? Then you should check the Honeywell HPA300 review that will serve your purpose well. To get a well-activated product, you have to choose the top-rated brand for your air purifier.

What can be the best air purifier for you? Here is the answer. You may hear about the well-known brand Honeywell HPA300. Honeywell hpa300 is a top-rated product. The Honeywell HPA300 is also a powerful medium-cost air purifier.

In this content, we will provide you with a broad idea of Honeywell HPA 300 in detail. Just have a look!

Honeywell HPA300 Specifications

Model HPA300
Manufacturer Honeywell
Product Color Black, White
Filter Type True HEPA
Filter Lifestyle 3 Months
Fan Mode 4 fans
Power Source Corded electric
Dimensions 9.25 x 20 x 22.25 inches (LxWxH)
Weight 21 Pounds
Automatic Mode None
Sensors None
Warranty Five years


Honeywell HPA300

In-depth of Honeywell HPA300 Review

The Honeywell hpa300 air purifier comes with some advanced technology. We will discuss the top features of the Honeywell hpa300, the top-rated air purifier:

Room Size Coverage

The Honeywell hpa300 HEPA is recommended for the extra-large room. This is an excellent and awarded air purifier. It can cover large and more spacious rooms. This device will sanitize all the air in the rooms. It is very helpful to make the air clean in all of your rooms.

Honeywell hpa300 purifier circulates the air five times within one hour. It is perfect for a 465-sq-ft room. This purifier is also helpful to capture up to 99.97% of harmful airborne particles. This purifier is perfect for a room capacity of 21 x 22 feet. It will be fit for a small room also. The dimensions are-

10.83″ D x 20.08″ W x 22.32″ H. Weight of the purifier is 17.26 pounds. There is an adjustable control panel lighting with this purifier. Bright, dim, and of systems are available.

Air Filter Types

The Honeywell hpa300 filters are more active and effective. This purifier has a true HEPA filter. It can filter out a minimum of 99.97% of .3 micro particulates. There is a charcoal filter with this purifier. It will reduce VOCs, different kinds of odors, and smoke.

The activated carbon of the filter is very effective to remove the odors from rooms.

The amazing device can eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria in the air from your room. It will be a perfect pick for you to remove household dust, pollen, pet dander, and different issues. Based on the filter quality it can be the best air purifier for odor elimination.

 Fan speeds

There is an energetic motor with the Honeywell hpa300 air purifier. It consumes a hundred watts of energy level. This level is the top fan speed.

There are 4 cleaning levels with this purifier. These levels will help you to select the fan speed that you need. The 4 levels are very helpful because there is no air quality sensor available to adjust the speed of the fan.

Honeywell HPA300

 Warranty Information

The Honeywell is a doctor’s choice product. It is the world’s number one recommended brand. This purifier is very effective and fruitful. It fights against different harmful airborne particles.

It has up to a 5-year warranty. So, you can use this air purifier without any problem.

 Set-up process

You need only more than a couple of minutes to set up a filter. You have to remove the front grill of the purifier. Now, click the true HEPA filters into place.

The setup process is not so hard. Now, you have to set up the prefilter in front of the true filters. You need to fit three true filters into their slots. It is very easy and simple that does not take extra minutes. It is very important to remove the filters from the packaging first.


This purifier is not quieter. This purifier has a higher noise level than other similar types of purifiers. Only the turbo system of this purifier is different from others. The maximum noise level of the purifier is up to sixty -three decibels. It is slightly higher than an air conditioner noise. The sound level will be quiet at the minimum fan speed. Despite having noise, it is the top-rated air purifier.

Honeywell HPA300

Auto Modes

Honeywell hpa300 is a more advanced purifier. The filter replacement is an essential task. The hpa300 is very active to notice the time for changing the filters. This purifier comes with different attractive features. There are two lights in this air purifier. One is for the prefilter and another is for the HEPA filters. You can use this purifier easily. There are four-speed fans with this updated purifier.

Air Quality Sensor – Sensitivity Adjustment

The Honeywell hpa300 air purifier does not have any air quality sensor.

Competitive Price

With its heavy-duty feature and capacity to clean the air in a room multiple times, it is the most compatible product in the stores. Compared to other products, it has better service benefits and the price is lower. It cost $498.99, which is very cost-effective in accordance with its features.

Additional Features of Honeywell HPA300

Some additional features of the Honeywell hpa300 are as follows-


The weight of the air purifier is 24lbs. After that, you will find the purifier surprisingly light. This air purifier is not hard to move around. The Honeywell hpa300 is comparatively heavier than any other purifier. This purifier is a very portable product. The machine features two handles nearly reaching the top of portability.

Honeywell HPA300

Power Consumption

You can call the hpa300 an energy guzzler. There are different energy consumptions based on high and low power. The consumption level is between 40w to 130w.

The difference in power consumption is less important. You will get the highest benefits from the purifier. It is a comparatively reasonable price.

Besides these, there are some important alternative features of this demanding purifier. These are as follows-

  • The Honeywell hpa300 air purifier has basic settings like a timer
  • There are three different fan modes with this purifier. These are generally clean, allergen, and germ
  • Three different values are available with this air purifier. These are two hours, four hours, and eight hours
  • There is a turbo mode in this purifier for maximum efficiency. This mode will maximize the fan speed of the Honeywell spa300 purifier
  • Honeywell hpa300 purifier has an auto light dimmer setting
  • There are three power settings with this purifier. These are low, medium, and high
  • Reset and filter change indicators are two useful options

Customer Report

There are a lot of positive reviews of the honeywellhpa300 air purifier. We have got these reviews from customer feedback on the online platform. They choose the product to buy. After using it, they recommend this product as the best purifier.

This purifier is an Amazon-choice product. There are a lot of positive reviews. The customer satisfaction level is a great positive survey for others. All consumers use this product with satisfaction.

What Makes the Air Purifier Stand Out?

Some advanced features make the purifier outstanding. The Honeywell hpa300 air purifier comes with a stylish design. Other advanced features are-

  • Stylish design and easy process to use
  • Excellent energy consumption level
  • Different noise levels for different fan speed
  • Updated air filtration technology
  • Product changing time is up to thirty days from purchasing time
  • It is a unique product
  • You just love this purifier with its fantastic features


  • Suitable for larger rooms
  • 3 Air cleaning level cleans germs and allergens
  • Considerably heavy-duty purifier
  • Prevents allergic symptoms
  • Adjustable control panel
  • 5-year long warranty

 Pros & Cons

  • It is AHAM approved
  • Comes with high CADR ratings
  • There are a lot of fan power in this purifier
  • Minimum electricity cost level
  • The Honeywell hpa300 true HEPA air purifier is fantastic to use
  • Performance is amazing of this purifier
  • Comes with hpa300 filters of this purifier are replaceable
  • Energy-star certified product
  • It is backed with a 5-year warranty
  • The odor filter is ineffective
  • There is no remote control system

What Alternatives are there?

It’s not so easy to get the best alternative. We have got an alternative purifier. The hpa200 model can be the best alternative to the Honeywell 300 air purifier. This model is the most similar type of Honeywell HPA200. It is comparatively smaller in size than Honeywell hpa300. The activity of these two is mostly similar. The hpa200 works very well for the small and large rooms too.

Honeywell HPA300

Who could benefit from the Honeywell HPA300 air purifier?

We’ve gone over the benefits and features of the Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Allergen Remover, but who should get it. This machine is excellent at removing mold spores and other allergens like dust or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It can also remove bacteria when you need a quick cleanse for your home! A few more people would be interested in having one around because they are great pet Owners and want to keep their homes free from any residual smells that may stay behind after guests leave. Even if just temporarily until another person comes by again!

The Honeywell HPA300 is the perfect choice for anyone who needs to take care of their home and family, be it on a daily basis or just once in a while.

  1. If you’re tired of grime clogging up your shower or house, then this is the product for you.
  2. People who only smoke cigarettes every now and then or live with someone who smokes cigarettes occasionally.
  3. Those People who need protection against bacteria and viruses because their immune system is compromised.
  4. People who live in polluted areas, and want to protect their lungs from asthma, should invest in a good indoor air purifier.
  5. Anyone who is allergic to pets, or has a lot of people coming in and out of their house, or lives with a large family should find a way to keep their home from being cluttered with dander from their pet.
  6. People who suffer from asthma
  7. Individuals suffering from allergies.

Maintenance of Honeywell HPA300

The Honeywell HPA300 is a great air purifier, but it does require regular cleaning. You should change the prefilter and replace HEPA filters every three months or so to make sure your home stays clean!

The price of these replacements will depend on how often you want them changed, whether monthly or annually. Just take some time around that period for everything to run smoothly again with no problems at all.

There are many signs that indicate when the filter needs changing. You will see this machine light signal, and then it’s time for a new set! Be sure to purchase your appropriate filters before making replacements in order not to tie up all of those great qualities with poor quality ones just because they’re available at any store nearby or something like Amazon Prime, where shipping is free. If you don’t mind waiting around two weeks until they get delivered.

However, these devices can also be cleaned by themselves; thanks so much – no need to worry yourself over how best to handle deep cleans; we’ve got everything under control here 🙂

Honeywell HPA300

Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier – Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to purify your home? We’ve prepared the most frequently asked questions about this Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier.

 1. Do Honeywell Air Purifiers Emit Ozone?

Answer: Honeywell air purifiers use Active Carbon Prefilters to remove common household odors before they reach the HEPA filter. The prefilter scrubbed the air of many impurities, trapping them on its surface. The prefilter uses natural electrostatic forces to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns in size. So they can be removed from your home’s environment for good!

No replacement filters are needed, nor do any disposable filters need to be replaced after each use with this high-quality reusable filter system that will NOT emit ozone into your home like other brands on the market!

 2. How Long Do Honeywell Filters Last? 

Answer: Typically, the prefilter is replaced every three months. This means that you’ll be changing it four times each year and this can get expensive if your place has lots of pollution in it! That’s why we recommend replacing only True HEPA filters instead, which would last about 12 months without needing another one-time expense like buying an entirely new unit again (which many people don’t want).

 3. Is Honeywell a good brand?

Answer: Yes. Honeywell is a great brand. They produce excellent quality products, and those who allow themselves the opportunity to use them will feel the difference and be much happier with their purchase.

Honeywell has an excellent reputation for making top-tier products like air purifiers, thermostats, humidifiers, and many other HVAC devices, which lead to a much better home environment. Any homeowner intent on improving their life would do well by investing in a Honeywell product.

4. How many filters do I have to replace?

Answer: The Honeywell HPA300 has a carbon filter and a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. The pre-filter needs to be replaced every three months, while the replacement for this is much less frequent at 12 months of use or when the dust becomes visible during the cleaning process.

The filters must both be changed depending on if there’s been overachievement in terms of their efficiency; they may have reached capacity before then!

 5. How much energy does the Honeywell HPA 300 Air Purifier consume?

Answer: The Honeywell Air Purifier is a high-quality product that also happens to be energy star certified. This means you can enjoy up to 130 watts at less cost! You’ll only need about five months of running this air purifier on top speed in order for it to break even financially at $66 per year – which isn’t bad considering most people will spend over double what much time saved by using one of these things every single day.

 6. Will the HPA300 from Honeywell remove common allergens?

Answer: The HPA300 model from Honeywell is a great allergen remover for those with asthma or chronic respiratory issues. It can remove dust, pollen, ragweed, and pet dander easily!

 7. Is the HPA300 from Honeywell really the most recommended brand by Allergists as an Allergen remover?

Answer: Allergists who work with patients should strongly consider recommending a Honeywell air cleaner to their clients. The 2014 poll conducted by Cascade Survey Research found that 94% of allergist respondents said they would recommend this product and consider how gentle it is on respiratory health. Not just in terms of prevention but also treatment-you can see why!

Final Thoughts

We have discussed in detail the Honeywell HPA300 review. Hopefully, you will benefit from this content. It will help you to make a purchasing decision easily.

The Honeywell hpa300 is the top-rated air purifier that you need. It is an ozone-free and safe air purifier. The consumers who suffer from asthma and allergens, this purifier is best for them.

If you compare this amazing air purifier with others like the biota bot, you will surely like the honeywell300 air purifier. So, without wasting time, just pick the best one and enjoy!

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