Vornado ac350 Review: Is It Perfect for Your Home?

Do you find an air purifier with better fan power? Excellent fan power is a great specification of a purifier. Then you have to check out the Vornado ac350 review.

A purifier with better specifications is always most demanded. We always want to keep our home air pollution-free. Healthy air is very beneficial for both the children and adults of a family.

The Vornado ac350 air purifier is a model that many people are looking for. It’s affordable, has great features and looks good too. This review will tell you everything there is to know about this model so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not it’s the right one for your home.

If you want to get a complete review of the Vornado ac350 air purifier, just follow this content till last. We will discuss the detailed overview of the Vornado ac350 purifier.

Vornado ac350 Specifications

Model AC1-0038-43
Manufacturer Vornado
Product Color Ice White
Filter Type 2 types filter
Filter Lifestyle 12 Months
Fan Mode 3 fans
Power Source Electrical
Dimensions 10.9 x 13.2 x 17.7 inches
Weight 10.9 Pounds
Automatic Mode No
Sensors No
Warranty 5 years

In-depth Review of Vornado ac350

The Vornado ac350 is a popular air purifier. You will get an in-depth description of the Vornado ac350 air purifier review. Let’s have a look! 

Room Size Coverage

Vornado ac350 is the best purifier with an exclusive fan facility. The Vornado air purifier ac350 review will give all detailed information. The Vornado ac350 purifier has a room coverage of 220 square feet. This purifier is best for a room with 100 square feet.

You will like the design concept of the Vornado ac350. It is organized with an iconic design. The height of the Vornado ac350 is eighteen inches, and its weight is thirteen inches.

It is one type of real console air purifier. Users will like this air purifier for its standard size and design. There are a huge number of fans of this amazing purifier. The Vornado ac350 is a simple and easy-featured air purifier. This purifier is very lovely to adjust with any kind of décor.

The Vornado ac350 purifier can reduce the base cost of users. There is a front plate of this purifier. It has multiple features from top to bottom airflow facility. The amazing purifier has an electric push button to manage the control panel.

Air Filter Types

The Vornado ac350 true HEPA air purifier has two simple and effective air filtration systems. These filtration systems are very active in cleanroom the air. The filtration systems are-

Activated carbon filter

There is a carbon filter that is activated with this purifier. This filter effectively reduces all types of bad odors and smokes from consumers’ room air. This purifier is also known as Vornado ac350 carbon filter. This amazing purifier will also help to strengthen the longevity of HEPA filter life.

True HEPA filter

The Vornado ac350 true HEPA whole room air purifier has a True HEPA filter. It is able to damage the micron’s allergens, pollen, fungi particles, etc. It can also spoil the smoke, odors, and small particles up to 99.97% from your room air. The Vornado ac350 HEPA filter replacement is very useful to clean your room air.

Fan speeds

The Vornado ac350 filter replacement is organized with three speeds of fan facility. It is not a high-performance purifier. But the fan mode is very effective and useful. The three fan modes have three types of speed. Speeds are high, medium, and low. The users can control these three speeds based on their needs. It is obviously changed manually. The facility of fans is just amazing to the consumers.

Warranty Information

Warranty of a device is very expected to all customers. Customers always want to get this type of benefit. It is a gift for the consumers. The Vornado ac350 air purifier has a five-year warranty. Within this period, you can change or alter any part of this purifier. In this period, the consumers can complain to the seller about any kind of problem-related to this device.

Set-up process

Setting up this air purifier is not a hard task. The consumers will be able to set up the Vornado ac350 air purifier within a short time. People will need only some minutes to set the ac350 air purifier. The consumers will not need any helping hand to set this Vornado ac350 purifier.


The speed level of the air purifier is not silent. The Vornado ac350 air purifier is normally known as a noisy device. Many customers provide negative reviews about this problem. The noise level is high at the high speed of the fan. The maximum noise level of this purifier is up to 55 decibels. The lowest noise level of this fan will be up to 40 decibels.

Energy Consumption

Does the Vornado ac350 air purifier consume a lot of energy? It is a common question to all consumers. The power consumption level is a very important feature of the device. You will get all from this Vornado ac350 review.

An air purifier is purchased for long-term use. So, justification of energy consumption is very important. One can identify the device as a good product based on its lower energy consumption level. The rated power of this purifier is 96 watts. Your yearly cost will be 34 dollars with using this purifier eight hours per day.

Auto Modes

The purifier does not have an auto mode. This Vornado ac350 is designed with some specifications. It has a little performance. This air purifier does not use any other type of technology. The fan is changed manually and there is no automatic mode that changes the fan speed. Consumers will get all updated features from the best air purifier for paint fumes.

Air Quality Sensor – Sensitivity Adjustment

The Vornado ac350 air purifier comes with simple specifications. You will get only an updated filter changeable indication light in this purifier. No advanced sensor mode is attached to this purifier. The three different fan speeds are manually handled. Many consumers like this purifier with its simple specifications.

Competitive Price

An effective air purifier with a reasonable price is highly expected of all customers. The Vornado ac350 air purifier review will provide the actual price level. You will get the Vornado ac350 purifier at 109 dollars. It is its original price. The customers will get the air purifier at 99 dollars from Amazon. So, you will get the air purifier at an affordable price.

Additional Features of Vornado ac350


The Vornado air purifier ac350 filters are recommended with a small-sized room. So, this purifier is lightweight and very smart-shaped. It is a very portable device. People can easily move this purifier. People can transfer this purifier from one room to another without any hassle.

Filter Replacement Indicator 

LED Control panel provides a status report on filter life and reminds you when it’s time for a replacement.

The LED display shows how many days are left before the next clean. It also tells you what dirt or debris has been collected in each day. So there’ll be no confusion about which ones need changing first!

Customer Report 

The Vornado ac350 air purifier has many positive customer reviews. This purifier is designed with very simple and normal specifications. After that, it is very favorable to many customers.

This air purifier is very comfortable for consumers to remove allergenic problems. This purifier is very active to work as a cleaner to keep the room air fresh. This purifier is relatively quieter than other to many customers.

People love this purifier for its simple specifications and easily handling capacity. The price of the air purifier is really attractive to many consumers.

What Makes the Air Purifier Stand Out?

Every air purifier has a special feature. The Vornado ac35 air purifier is organized with a small number of specifications. After these, it has some special features. The two LED indicator lights help the consumers to easily understand the replacement time of the filters.


  • The purifier has activated carbon pre-filters to remove odors.
  • The True HEPA filter is able to capture 99.97% of particles.
  • There are three-speed fan settings.
  • An electric push-button is attached to this cleaner.
  • This purifier will need a small space.

Pros & Cons


  • Price is much more affordable
  • It is preferable for its simplicity
  • The Shape is much beautiful
  • It is very easy to handle
  • The design of this purifier is very smart


  • No sensor facility

What Alternatives are there?

The Vornado ac350 and Levoit core 300 are two updated air purifiers. You will get some similarities and some differences between these two beautiful purifiers. The basic similarity between these two purifiers is that they are also good for the bedroom, dining room, and office room. The Levoit 300 purifier is capable of killing particles up to 99.97%.

On the other hand, the Vornado ac350 purifier can clean the room air up to 99.7%.

The most similarities are the two air purifiers have the same three fan speed modes. The weight of the two air purifiers is small. The color of these two cleaners is white. The price of these two purifiers is the same.

You will get these two at the same price, 99.99 dollars. A lot of positive reviews are available of these cleaners. These two purifiers have 4.7 out of 5 ratings.

Does Vornado air purifier really work? 

Does Vornado really work? In a word, Yes! Many have been pleasantly surprised to find that the Vornado Air Purifiers can do what they claim. People who have asthma and allergies and need relief from their symptoms find great benefits when using this air purifier.

There are several reasons why Vornado air purifiers work better than other brands. They actually have a large fan to circulate the air throughout the room and help draw in more dirt and toxins than many of the competitors.

Vornado also uses an advanced system with three cleaning levels: pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and true HEPA filter. The result is fresher air that is not only clean but free of allergens. The activated charcoal filter is a vital component in the filtering process. This carbon filter absorbs gases and odors from your air, which include fumes from nicotine, pet odors, chemical vapors, cooking odors, and more.

In addition, it can absorb any gas that may have been produced from an animal or person who has passed gas! 

What are the benefits of the Vornado AC350 air purifier?

Vornado AC350 air purifier is a perfect solution for those looking to reduce their allergic reactions as it can help filter out dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens.

This device is designed to reduce the number of airborne contaminants. This can prevent people from getting sick. It also helps reduce the number of viruses in the air, which is important during flu season when they spread easily.

With this air purifier, you will improve the quality of your life and significantly increase the life span of your house plants! It is also a perfect device to use in the workplace as it can help support concentration, productivity, and health.



1. What is the air filtration system of the Vornado AC350 air purifier?

Answer: The Vornado AC350 air purifier removes particles from the air by filtering out allergens, dust mites, and pet dander. It does this by a Dual-stage filtration system (with activated carbon) that removes 99.97% of all particles in the air.

2. How much does a Vornado air filter cost?

Answer: The Vornado AC350 is the perfect solution for those looking to save on their air filtration needs. At just $39 per year, it’s much cheaper than other brands and offers several times longer lifetimes than most competitors can provide.

 3. Is the Vornado AC350 air purifier worth it? 

Answer: Vornado AC350 air purifier is definitely worth it. It is affordable and very efficient, making it the perfect product to introduce in any household!

4. Does Vornado AC350 air purifier emits ozone?

Answer: No. Vornado air purifiers do not emit any ozone, which is found in many air purifiers on the market. The activated carbon filter is the only filter that may emit a very tiny amount of ozone. This type of air purifier has been tested and verified to be safe, and the amount that is released is very minimal.

 5. Does Vornado air purifiers work for smoke?

Answer: Yes. The reason is that smoke particles are so small they penetrate the walls of your home. Vornado air purifiers work to draw in the smoke particles and trap them in the carbon filter.

 6. Does the Vornado air purifier work on dust?

Answer: Yes. The activated charcoal filter is what makes Vornado air purifiers work to remove dust from the air.

 7. Does Vornado air purifier work on allergies?

Answer: Yes. The activated carbon filter and true HEPA filter in Vornado air purifiers work very well to reduce indoor allergens.

 8. What is the Vornado AC350 price?

Answer: All these features and benefits come at a very affordable price. You can purchase the Vornado AC350 air purifier at a great price on Amazon.com. Currently, it is listed for $99.99 with free shipping. Compare that to the price of other air purifiers, and you’ll see this is an incredible value.

 9. What kind of warranty does Vornado offer?

Answer: Vornado offers one of the best warranties in the business. In fact, it is one of the longest warranties available on a portable air purifier. This unit has a five-year limited warranty and that is a confidence builder in a product.

Final Thoughts

A good appearance is highly appreciated by all. The Vornado Air Purifier is a good choice for people who want to get rid of particles in their homes. It does not cost a lot, and it can help with allergies and other problems people have with things like dust and irritants. The ac350 has two stages of filtration. It removes 99% of particles that are larger than 0.3 microns in size from your indoor environment while also capturing bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and odors.

This air purifier can be set on one of three speeds. You can choose the speed that you want it to go at. The noise level will change depending on how fast it goes and how loud you want it to be. It will go up to 335 cubic feet per minute (CFM) when the noise level is at 40-55.

However, we have already known about this purifier’s special features from the Vornado a350 review. It is a popular purifier for its high powerful fan speed. It can cleanroom the air within five minutes. So, justify these features and choose your favorable device. 


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